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How to find out your phone number on Android


Here’s how you can find your own phone number on your Android phone, just in case you’ve forgotten it.

If for any reason you are not sure about your phone number, don’t worry as you can easily find it on your phone. Android provides an easy way to find your number, so you don’t have to make the embarrassing call to your network provider.

The article below describes three simple steps you can take if you want to know your number and you have an Android phone.

What you will need:

Short version

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app
  2. Click About phone
  3. Scroll to Phone number
  1. Step

    Open your phone’s Settings app

    First of all, open the Settings app on your phone. It’s the one with the icon that looks like a mechanical cog.

  2. Step

    Click About phone

    Inside the Settings app, one of the options in the About Phone menu. Click on it.

  3. Step

    Scroll to Phone number

    Inside the “About Phone” menu, simply scroll down and you should see one option called “Phone Number” with your numbers at the bottom.


Why should I look up my phone number?

You might want to look up your phone number if you don’t have a record of it, or if you’ve just lost your mind, but you need to pass it on as one of your contact details.

What if my phone has two SIM cards?

If your phone has two SIM cards, both phone numbers should be listed in About phone as “Phone number (SIM slot 1)” and “Phone number (SIM slot 2)” as shown above.

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