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How old is Mirabelle and all her family members in “Encanto”?


Genealogical trees and dynamics can be challenging for outsiders, especially in large families. У Encanto, viewers quickly get acquainted with the extended magical family of Colombian madrigals. To understand them, their strengths, ages and roles in the family, it may take a few views – after all, the main characters are twelve! Composer Lynn-Manuel Miranda breaks it in the first number The Madrigal Family but, in its typical style, it passes quickly, so here’s everything you need to know about the Madrigal family.

The Madiral family

Patriarch Abuel Pedro and Matriarch Abuel Alma

Abuela Pedro met with Abuela Alma on the celebration of the Day of the Little Candles, and the rest, as they say, is history. They married, gave birth to triplets named Juliet, Peppa and Bruno, and were on their way to live long and happily until the conquerors came to their village, forcing them to flee with their young children. Music director Jared Bush said on Twitter that when Abuela Pedro crossed the river and died, he was the same age as singer Sebastian Yatra, who recorded the song. Dos Oruguitas for the movie. This means that Abeula Pedro was 26 years old when he died, leaving Abuel Alma a young widow with three babies. Fortunately, her candle endowed her family with magical powers to bring them to an end. If Abuela Pedro and Abuela Alma were about the same age, she would have been about 75 years old at the time of the film’s main plot. Abuela Alma does not have her own magical abilities, but keeps a close eye on the family.

Juliet and Augustine

One of the triplets, Juliet, has the power to heal through food. She married Augustine and had three children: Isabella, Louise and Mirabelle. Bush said on Twitter that Juliet is the eldest of the triplets, so she takes on the role of mother not only in her family but also in the village. Since about 50 years have passed since the miracle, it can be concluded that triplets are also around this age. Her husband Augustine is a couple of years younger than her, which is evident in his awkward nature. Ever since he married in the family, he has not possessed his own magical abilities.


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The eldest daughter of Juliet and Augustine is almost perfect in all respects, which viewers consider both a blessing and a heavy burden. Her gift is the ability to grow beautiful plants and flowers. Fortunately, in the film she learns that perfection is not all she should be. She is 21 years old, the age of her cousin Dolores.


The middle child of Juliet and Augustine is under tremendous pressure to be strong both physically and mentally for her family and village. Her strength is her superpower, but she should always be lonely, as viewers will learn from her songs. Surface pressure. Louise is 19 years old.



The youngest child of Juliet and Augustine inadvertently caused controversy when she was not rewarded with power. But never be afraid: as the protagonist’s Encanto she plays a key role in preserving the magic of the family. According to Bush, she is 15 years old, she is only a couple of months younger than her cousin Camille.

Peppa and Felix

The middle triple is Pepe, and she is the most emotional of the three. Her emotional state can affect her strength controlling the weather. She married Felix and had three children: Dolores, Camilla and Antonio. Like Juliet, she is about 50 years old.

Felix is ​​a little older than Pep, most likely he is from the early to mid 50s, so he is softer and balances her more emotional attitude. Like Augustine, he has no authority because he married in a family.


Shh Don’t make a sound. Especially if you don’t want anyone to know. The oldest child of Peppa and Felix, the power of Dolores – is superhuman hearing. This makes her quiet, shy and reserved. This is complicated by the fact that she is also 21 years old, as is her ideal cousin Isabelle. Dolores is in Isabella’s shadow, but during the events of Encanto she learns to use her voice and go her own way.


Camilla is 15 years old and he can change the look, taking on the personality and appearance of other people. He is slightly older than his cousin Mirabelle, so it was so strange that she was not rewarded with power.


The youngest member of the family is 5-year-old Antonio. He’s next in line to get his credentials, and the family is nervous because the last time Mirabel failed. Fortunately, his strength, the ability to talk to animals, will really come in handy during events Encanto.


Here we will talk about Bruno. The youngest of the triplets, his ability to foresight makes many people avoid him, so he can’t predict that anything bad will happen to them. It makes him become the black sheep of the family and run away – sort of. Like other triplets, he is about 50 years old.

As Mirabelle sang, “although it sounds a little fantastic and magical, now you know the Madrigal family.”

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