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How much is an adenidectomy operation at the Ambulatory


The cost of an adenoidectomy in Ambattura usually starts from Rs. 40,000 and can reach Rs. 50,000 depending on a number of factors such as patient health, patient age, surgeon qualifications, etc. In addition, ENT specialists also recommend several diagnostic tests that may increase the overall cost of treatment. Some of the diagnostic tests are mentioned below –

Diagnostic test Significance Approximate cost range
X-ray of the nasopharynx Produces 3D throat images Starting at Rs 250
Visualization tests Detects inflammation or enlargement of the adenoids. Rs 1,500 – Rs 4,000
Endoscopy Helps detect nasal congestion and adenoids on an external video screen. rupees 1500-2000 rupees
Blood test (rare) Helps detect infection in the blood Rs 200 – Rs 500

The cost of adenoidectomy in Ambattura

Adenoidectomy is the surgical removal of enlarged adenoids. Frequent throat infections lead to enlargement or swelling of the adenoids – a condition called adenoiditis. Although several non-surgical treatments help to cope with the symptoms of enlarged adenoids, they can be financially unprofitable. Adenoidectomy gives effective results in one session, making it a smart choice for patients who experience frequent throat infections. This blog provides information on the estimated cost of adenoidectomy in Ambattur and the factors that affect the cost of adenoid removal.

What factors affect the cost of adenidectomy surgery in Ambattur?

The cost of adenoidectomy varies depending on the location, the availability of diagnostic tests, the availability of medical facilities, transportation costs, hospital fees, etc. These factors mainly determine the total cost during adenoidectomy treatment. Here are some of the factors that affect the cost of adenidectomy in Ambatura –

  • Choosing the right medical facility

It is important to choose the right hospital that provides modern infrastructure and advanced technology to ensure a high level of success. Depending on the health care facility (public or private) the cost of adenoidectomy may vary. What’s more, each hospital has a different cost structure when it comes to overnight stays. The total cost of adenoid removal surgery is also affected by the availability of rooms, room types (suite or super suite), choice of rooms, etc. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right hospital for you adenoidectomy surgery in Ambattura –

  • Patient feedback
  • Modern hospital infrastructure
  • Advanced technology for surgery
  • Availability of devices for diagnostic research
  • Easily accessible from your location
  • Availability of rooms (in case of stay)
  • Must follow COVID-19 guidelines
  • Cost of ENT surgeon consultation

It is important to choose an experienced surgeon who will be able to easily treat your adenoid condition. ENT specialists charge a fee for the consultation based on their experience or knowledge. The cost of the consultation adds to the total cost of the adenoid surgery, and so it is important to choose the right surgeon for the adenoid surgery. What’s more, an experienced ENT surgeon offers an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment with minimal complications. However, an experienced ENT surgeon usually charges a higher fee, which can increase the overall cost of the surgery. Here are some factors to consider before choosing the best ENT surgeon at Ambatura –

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Experience of an ENT surgeon
  • Number of adenoidectomies performed by surgeons
  • A track record of successful adenoid surgery

Before the procedure, the anesthesiologist administers local or general anesthesia to the patient. An anesthesiologist may charge a certain amount of money, which may vary depending on the type of anesthesia (local or general), and this may increase the total cost of adenoidectomy. Sometimes the cost of anesthesia is usually included in health insurance depending on the insurance policy.

To facilitate the recovery process and reduce pain after surgery, the ENT specialist prescribes several drugs. Depending on the severity of the condition, these drugs increase the total cost of surgery to remove the adenoids.

  • Fee after consultation

It is important to keep in touch with your ENT doctor after surgery to reduce the risk of complications after surgery. It is often recommended to visit a doctor at least once a week, but people can be impatient and often go for checkups. The doctor usually charges for each session, and the number of sessions adds to the total cost of treatment.

Does the insurance cover the cost of adenoid surgery in Ambatura?

Yes, the operation to remove the adenoids in Ambatura is covered by insurance. Insurance companies cover the cost of adenidectomy surgery in India (depending on your insurance coverage). Prolonged adenoidectomy can cause chest and ear infections, sinusitis, etc., which can negatively affect quality of life. Therefore, adenoidectomy is considered a medical necessity and is covered by health insurance. Insurance significantly reduces the cost of your treatment, so before adenidectomy surgery it is advisable to consult with your insurance provider. However, the insurance coverage depends on the type of your insurance policy and the conditions set by the insurance provider. Contact us to learn more about estimating the cost of adenoid surgery in Ambatura

Choose Pristyn Care for a cost-effective treatment of adenoids in Ambatura

Pristyn Care is a specialized health care provider that goes beyond the patient’s surgical experience. We are connected to some of the best hospitals and health institutes in India. We also have a dedicated team of experienced ENT professionals with over 15 years of experience and an excellent track record. Here’s how Pristyn Care can help with cost-effective adenoidectomy treatment-

  • Provides free reception and disembarkation of taxis within the city on the day of operation
  • Non-cash payment for adenidectomy surgery
  • Free EMI remedy for adenidectomy surgery
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