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Horror Fans Submit Ridiculous Ideas For A Nightmare On Elm Street Reboot


Image: New Line Cinema

Horror fans are dying to wake up a sleeping giant of the genre, and the wait has been going on far too long as fans tip their hats to their writers.

Nightmare on Elm Street Legacy, as one of the best horror franchises, has struggled over the past decade due to inaction on any follow-ups, but hardcore horror fans already know exactly what the reboot will bring. Hollywood, please read and embrace all of these ideas, especially the funniest ones.

The franchise has lasted long enough to go the tried and tested route of stuffing Freddy Krueger into a spaceship and turning him into a Xenomorph-esque menace in space. Not sure how to make it work, but it’s funny enough to write itself. Ditch the seriousness, embrace the camp value.

Robert Englund didn’t sound too confident about reprising the role again as age takes its toll on the iconic horror actor, but one fan found an ingenious way to bring him back while allowing the franchise to grow. Introduce cultist Freddy Krueger, who also happens to be a scientist. It’s just ridiculous to work.

Freddy Krueger Takes on Millennials. A few jokes about smashed avocados, a few gags about house prices, and you’re halfway there Funny or die a sketch Take it any further and you almost have a movie. More than happy to help Hollywood with this.

The Halloween The 2018 route is popular with fans. Allow the series to maintain its original continuity with a few bits picked from the sequels as needed, allowing Heather Langenkamp to return. She expressed interest in returning in October 2022, so it seems possible.

The Freddy Krueger-directed series is available to stream on HBO Max and Peacock.

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