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If you like the series of visual novels Higurashi When They Cry from 07th Expansion, MangaGamer has a little fun.

If you are a fan of the popular A series of visual higurashi novels when they cry until the 07th extension in MangaGamer there is a little fun.

The publisher will release the English localization Higurashi When They Cry Hou – Rei fandisk on Steam soon. It will be available on June 2.

The cost is $ 5.95, and those who pre-order will receive an additional 10% discount.

The package includes three additional chapters, originally published in 2006.

Below you can find a summary and batch of screenshots.

Hinamidzawa’s tragedy is over.
Those held captive in her captivity are free from the fate that bound them to June 1983.
However, Hinamidzau’s story is not really complete.
There are many worlds not yet explored.
There are three such worlds waiting for you, but are you ready to reveal what is left in the unknown?

This is the story of what Furude Rick reached in the summer of 1983. Her power allows her to choose one of many worlds, but is this world really the best for her?
The difficulty here is vicious, for all of you, dear connoisseurs who prefer this path.

This is a story in which a kind of dispute unfolds about the most valuable values ​​- Magata Fuwarazu, able to give mutual love – which falls to the members of the club.

On these pages there is a Bible of fiery passion for modern, apathetic youth! Although it was conceived as a party for Meakashi-hen, it completely destroys the influence of this chapter! Considered too dangerous to consume, this legendary script was sealed!
Continue only if you can swear that you are truly a degenerate.
“Higurashi when they cry” is a sound novel. Music, background and characters work together to create a world that is the scene of a novel to be read by users. They both laugh and cry and get angry. The user takes the protagonist’s perspective to experience the story.

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