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Halo Infinite welcomes Season 2 of Lone Wolves with a trailer to launch


Hello Infinite has launched the 2nd season of “Lonely Wolves” for a free multiplayer, and there is a trailer to celebrate.

To catch up with you, the new season includes a bunch of new things for the shooter, such as maps, modes and a new combat pass. How described in detail by Halo Waypoint, new locales include Catalyst, where the abandoned Forerunner structure is located. Then there is Breaker – an exiled ship left in the desert. New modes include King of the Hill, Land Grap and Last Spartan Standing.

As for cosmetics, players can get their way to two new armor cores for the Spartans in the form of Rakshasa and Eagle Strike. The first is based on restored Banished gear, and the core of Eaglestrike is linked to future Fracture stories. It will be a couple of storyline events that will push the story Hello Infinite‘s general story ahead.

The first one is called Interference, and it’s now live. You will meet two new heroes – Spartan Dean and Spartan Eklund – who arrive with important information about the exiles. This story will be expanded through the event, and the second half called Entrenched will take place on May 24th.

Note: the combat pass in the second season is free, as previously established, and will not end. However, if you still want to finish the combat pass of the 1st season, you will need a premium version. But once you do, you can switch between seasons at any time. It looks like this will be a template for future combat passes.

Live Season 2 “Lonely Wolves”. Hello Infinite now on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. You can read more about the season here or check full patch notes here.

Hello Infinite

on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Release date:

December 08, 2021

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