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Halloween revelers discuss the greatest horror movie of all time


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This is a tradition for horror movie buffs will welcome the spookiest day of the year with a classic Halloween movie.

There’s plenty to choose from, thanks to the massive expansion of the horror genre over the past 50 years or so. Some of the very best horror shows began in the 1970s, and several of the genre’s greatest franchises released their debut films during the decade. Since then, these franchises have only continued their momentum, expanding massively and spawning new generations of horror fans.

The current generation of horror hounds celebrates Halloween by looking back at the absolute best horror shows of recent years. With so many star options to choose from, the decision will certainly not be easy, but the good folks at Twitter are willing to give it a shot.

The tweet that sparked the horror conversation already has nearly a thousand likes and several hundred replies from like-minded viewers. The original question posed by @FilmUpdatespicks Lupita Nyong’o’s performance in 2019 us as the pinnacle of horror acting and asks about the “favorite horror performance” of his fellow racers.

The answers are very varied and might just give horror fans a solid list of things to watch for next year’s Halloween. Not all of the films listed in the extensive comments section will be considered horror films by the watchers of the genre, but each selection features an absolutely stunning performance by a dedicated actor.

A number of recent acts made the list, with Jordan Peele’s sophomore release at the top. Lovely delivery from Daniel Kaluuya Get out continues to impress viewers, as does A24 Saint Maud, where Morfid Clarke played the titular Maude. The most popular selections, among dozens of records, selected clips of 2019 Ready or not and 2022 Bodies Bodies Bodies.

A number of other recent films also made the list, including 2018 Hereditary, and a stunning performance by Toni Collett that popped up several times. The role of Jennifer Lawrence mother was also a frequent favorite, as was Natalie Portman Black swan and Florence Pugh at Midsummer.

The list is of course not all recent films, some classics have received their own praise, but a few favorites were criminally bare on the list. Jack Nicholson’s stunning performance in the Radiance was a frequent flier like Linda Blair in the original Exorcistbut no one gave Marilyn Burns and her truly brutal role The Texas Chainsaw Massacrealmost enough love.

There are too many stellar horror picks to list them all, but any horror connoisseur looking for the best in the genre will do well to read the comments section just in case they missed any of the awesome horror picks put together there.

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