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“Halloween Ends” is just shy of $100 million at the box office


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Halloween is over cracked the ribcage but won’t bleed much more roughly as it seems shy of the ribcage marker of success.

Climax by Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween era hit theaters in mid-October, but if box office numbers are to be believed, it won’t be around for long. It ends slashed its way to $58 million in its opening weekend, but has since languished for several weeks as it is now almost certain to fall behind its predecessors financially.

With a worldwide gross of $96 million, it may struggle to reach nearly the expected $100 million mark. The massive drop in revenue is further evidence of declining franchise revenue since 2018. Halloween previously raised $250 million Kills dropped to $130 million.

There are several reasons why It ends may not reach the heights of its predecessors. First, the film’s mixed and negative reviews didn’t help, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 41 percent. It ends also saw a simultaneous streaming release, which could have been the deciding factor in keeping the box office from looking so prolific. Debuting on The Peacock on the same day as theaters meant the film had less of a cinematic event feel to it.

Perhaps the crudest example can be given by referring to the biggest franchises of cinema Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Avengers: Endgame surpassed the usual film releases, building on the culmination of years of storytelling. Halloween is over was meant to be: the story that began in 1978 is finally over, the legacy star is back in financial blockbuster style Star Wars continuation of the trilogy.

It’s not a fair comparison to be honest, but it’s telling Halloween is over shot himself in the foot with a release that destroyed the prestige of cinema. Halloween has always been a cinematic series built for its titular celebration, with an iconic score that fills the halls with dread. Failure to top $100 million by the holiday may be food for thought at Universal.

It ends isn’t a box office bomb, but it comfortably made back its $33 million budget from $94.7

Halloween is over is now in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

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