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Google Tasks now allows users to customize recurring tasks directly from the app


Noticed 9to5 Google, the Google Tasks app adds a feature that is so simple that you have to wonder why it hasn’t been added before. Oh wait! New feature was available through Google Calendar, but not from the program – it is still. Let’s move on to the specifics. But first, as many of you know, Google Tasks lets you create to-do lists that integrate with Gmail and Google Calendar to help you get things done.

You can now customize your duties on a recurring basis using the Tasks app other than Google Calendar

You can create, manage and view tasks on any device while you are on the go. Tasks created in Gmail and Google Calendar from your desktop can be managed on your mobile phone or tablet. And to make it easier for you to complete the task, you can break each of them into subtasks, which will allow you to make smaller pieces of the project, which will help you finish it faster. And as you progress your work on the task you can edit it. You can create tasks from email in Gmail and track them to the source mail from which it came.

Setting a date for each task can help you finish a project quickly, Google says. However, if you are under such pressure to complete the task ahead of time, you may find yourself sweating profusely as the pressure builds up. You can also organize your tasks by date and receive reminders with notifications as if you weren’t putting enough pressure on yourself.

You can now set when the duplicate option is complete by opening the task in Google Calendar. Three options you have – To set a duplicate option in Google Calendar, open the latest app and find the yellow background that shows the task.
From there, click on the pencil icon and the word “Do not repeat”. This will open a popup menu. Click on Custom and you will be taken to the Custom Repeat page, which allows you to specify how many times a day, week, month or year you want this task to be repeated. You can even keep this task recurring without a stop date, select a specific stop date, or complete the task after a certain number of times if it is repeated.

Again Google continues to work on the app to improve it

Once you select the settings, click “Done”. Yes, this may seem like a lot of work, but there is a new shortcut that can be used directly from Google Task. Open the app and you should see your tasks under the heading “My Tasks”. Click on the date next to the calendar icon. This triggers a small pop-up with a calendar. At the bottom of the window is a clock icon, and to the right below it is an icon that shows two arrows next to a box labeled “Repeat.”

If you click on Repeat, you will get a mini-page with repeat, on which you can choose how often you want this task to be repeated, the date and time when you want to start the task, and the date and time when you want to make her stop. You can even add subtasks from this menu.

So you have. You can now set your recurring tasks from Google Calendar or directly from Google Task. Do it any way you want, but you may find that doing it from the app will be a little faster. And again, Google keeps working on the old app to make it a little easier to use and a little faster to edit. While the recurring settings feature in the Tasks app began spreading on Friday, it may take up to two weeks for all users.

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