Home Entertainment Gentleman Jack kindles old flames in “Scars Everywhere, Probably”

Gentleman Jack kindles old flames in “Scars Everywhere, Probably”


“Tripe All Over The Place is supposed to lead to several potential disasters. But before things get bad, they actually go pretty well. It turns out Anne wasn’t kidding with her grand scheme of visiting all of Walker’s relatives and changing the story around her and Anne – two friends who are definitely just roommates and nothing more! They make a whopping 13 calls home a day, and oddly enough, watching them finish each other’s offers, telling stories of their trek across the Alps, seems to be convincing their cousins ​​that their friendship is completely platonic. At least everyone looks quite fascinated and happy to see Anne in such good health. They brag about how well she manages, but in fact the results speak for themselves. It’s funny to watch her talk so lively and stop at Anne’s interjections – they are perfectly in sync. Unfortunately, this seems to fade a bit when they jump in the carriage between visits. Anne is so distracted that she misses Anne’s sweet wave. What a fiend.

Here’s one thing Anne thinks: after buying a hotel business at the start of the season, she’s now interested in the railroad. With the opening of a new line in Yorkshire, Halifax residents are nervous over the share of canals, including Anne. But can the railways present a new profitable venture? Marian (Gemma Whelan) doesn’t think so. She heard a story about a cow that saw a train passing by, and in response … she exploded. The other Listers are to varying degrees slightly outraged and very funny, but everyone agrees that Marianne is probably kidding. Personally, I hope that this crazy story is true and that the epidemic of cows that erupts will be the highlight of the plot. (Sad for cows, but good for fun.)

Anne talks about the situation with the railroad and its potential, talking to one of Walker’s older men, who says, “We need a man with foresight and energy who can unite us all in one achievable plan … but where is he?” Basically, you can see the mechanisms spinning in her head and people seem to be on the verge of invading a room full of men, putting them all in place and becoming the newest business leader in town. Definitely, she visits offices, scares locals with her quick walk, and even rides a train with Anne to take a closer look.

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