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FOSC Chat: Combining the latest acquisitions is the next step for project44


This summary is a chat by the fireplace from the first day of the live FreightWaves Future of Supply Chain event, held in Rogers, Arkansas. For more information and event content, Click here.

TOPIC FIRESIDE CHAT: Connecting supply chain ecosystems.

DETAILS: It has been 18 months of work for the real-time visibility specialist project44, including a partnership with Google to create a “digital duplicate” supply chain, ”said Eric Fullerton, the company’s senior marketing director. In this chat near the fireplace, Fullerton details what keeps him excited as his company works to make supply chains more sustainable and noticeable.

SPEAKER: Eric Fullerton, Senior Director of Marketing, Project 44

BIO: Fullerton has worked in software technology for over 10 years and has demonstrated experience in helping organizations adopt a digital approach. Fullerton has partnered with Fortune 500 companies in a variety of fields to bridge the gap between people, processes and technology to embrace digital transformation and create a technology ecosystem that increases efficiency, saves costs and provides a great experience for customers.

KEY QUOTES OF Eric Fullerton

“If, by using us, you can save a lot of paper with some of our APLs and LTL offerings – that’s nice, but it’s actually about expanded visibility, such as emissions for a given asset. We are now working on ocean and road vehicles to ensure sustainability, these emissions that are visible for a separate shipment. ”

“In fact, we were approached by Google to provide what I think is one of the key building blocks of the digital double for the supply chain – through ERP, TMS and [enhanced] visibility – to solve the supply chain problems we are experiencing today. ”

“What we are implementing this year is a completely new single platform for all our acquisitions over the past year and a half. Then the data becomes even more convincing for solving things like, for example, not only if something comes running somewhere, but also the likelihood that it will be delayed. ”

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