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Fnatic announces partnership with Chillblast


Fnatic showed its latest partnership with a specialist PC production PC Chillblast. As part of a multi-year partnership deal, Chillblast will become a global (excluding Japan) exclusive partner for Fnatic PCs and laptops with Fnatic-style custom PCs that go on sale today. The long-term partnership will create a series of joint Fnatic x Chillblast branded PCs and laptops that will be unlike anything Fnatic has done before, with a wide selection of unique and limited designs created to celebrate key moments for Fnatic.

As part of a multi-year partnership deal, Chillblast will manufacture and supply Fnatic personal PCs to all Fnatic professional teams / creators to ensure they can compete at the highest level, equipping PCs that are #TheChoiceOfChampions. Fnatic and Chillblast will work together to create innovative and engaging content and activations for Fnatic fans, and the Chillblast logo will also appear on the official Fnatic Pro kit worn by the Fnatic pro-team, which will soon be available in the Fnatic store.

Because Fnatic is the number one brand in eSports performance, this partnership will help elevate Fnatic’s professional teams to an even greater level with Chillblast’s incredible PC performance. Fnatic has won over 370 medals during its legacy, including the first ever World Cup of the League of Legends in 2011, we know what it takes to become champions, and the importance of performance. That’s why we work with the best, Chillblast. Chillblast will also be the official reseller of Fnatic Gear, and the Chillblast x Fnatic PC from today will be available for purchase at a number of retailers, including Chillblast.com, Box.co.uk and CCLonline.com.

Fnatic CEO Sam Matthews said:

“Our players know that in order to be able to compete in the best game in the game, we need to have the best systems. Chillblast will be able to offer excellent performance along with the unique fantastic design of the Fnatic team. We can’t come up with a better PC maker for the partnership than Chillblast to demonstrate our commitment to supporting our players with the highest levels of PC performance, and offering fans the ability to access the same systems that our players use. ”

Tactus Group CEO Scott Branchley said:

“Everyone at Chillblast is excited to enter into this partnership with Fnatic. We are obsessed with providing the highest level of performance and service, allowing gamers to compete at the highest level. Teams at Fnatic need to have the highest quality equipment to show themselves at the best level and we strive to help them succeed in all aspects of their game. We are also incredibly excited to work with professionals to further develop our gaming PC solutions, and to provide the next generation of eSports players with an excellent professional-level kit. ”

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