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Five things you need to know to start your Saturday


FG, ASUU will resume talks next week

Chris Ngige, the education minister, said the federal government and the striking union of university academics would resume talks next week in a bid to end a three-month strike.

This was stated by the Minister at a meeting with delegates of the Baikov National Association of Academic Technologists (NAAT).

He described the many industrial strikes launched by ASUU as unnecessary and advised that if the union were more diplomatic, it could take advantage of its open door policy as the health unions that took advantage of it.

He reminded everyone that there have been no strikes in the sector since health unions took advantage of his open-door policy.

Ngige made it clear that each union is important in a larger scheme. He said this in a statement issued on Friday by Pacins Anoubia, acting head of the press and public relations department of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Employment Pacins Anoubia.

He assured all unions and Nigerians in general that, contrary to negative public opinion, the federal government is trying to carefully resolve all industrial disputes in the education sector to promote industrial harmony and progress in the university system.

In a statement to the press, he said: “If you are from any union, you do not need to make an appointment to meet with me.” Doctors began to enjoy this advantage. JOHESU also did the same. So the health sector is quiet. But education unions don’t use my open door policy.

“We don’t need to cry over spilled milk. Let’s look at your challenges to see the ones we can solve immediately that we can do in the medium term and the ones that we can do in the long run. There are certain who are above me that are not in my hands.

He reiterated that it includes his work, saying that “My task is to prepare an agreement after agreeing on what you have agreed with your employers, the Federal Ministry of Education, and to set deadlines and monitor them to see if the results will be there ”.

I, as a conciliator, guide you, people, by measured steps. So I want to take care of all of you holistically and ask for your cooperation. When I’m done with you today, I’ll continue with ASUU next week. I did NASA and SDAN yesterday, and they were satisfied. I want you people to be happy when we leave here. ”

As for the controversial implementation of the 2009 agreement between ASUU and the federal government, he asked the union to understand that implementation would still take some time and that all it took was for the union to give the government a chance.

Boehly Group has reached an agreement to buy Chelsea


Boehly has reached an agreement to buy Chelsea.

The group, consisting of investment company Clearlake Capital, Swiss businessman Hansorg Vis and CEO of Guggenheim Partners Mark Walter, according to undisclosed sources who spoke with Bloomberg, will take over the club in the coming days.

An estimate of £ 4.25 billion will include a purchase price of £ 2.5 billion plus £ 1.75 billion for further investment in the club.

However, the deal has not yet been announced, as the approval of the British government, which approved the sale, has not yet been received.

Another obstacle to a full takeover of the Boehly group is compliance with strict Premier League rules for owners and directors.

Meanwhile, the deal’s financial adviser, Raine Group, has yet to comment.

Chelsea will be part of growing US investment in the Premier League after the Glaser family is owned by Manchester United, Arsenal FC owned by Stan Kroenke, and Kroenke Sports Group, Aston Villa owned by Wesley Eden, Burnley owned by ALK Capital, Crystal Palace is owned by Palace Holdco LP & John Textor, Leeds United is owned by 49ers Enterprises, Liverpool FC is owned by Fenway Sports Group, and finally West Ham is owned by Albert Smith.

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Nationalization policy: South Sudan expels foreign own oil companies

South Sudan is finalizing legislation on the transfer of operations of international oil companies in the country.

The newest African country, which gained independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011, has decided to increase its share of revenue in the oil industry, even as exploration has declined.

The plan, which is not immediate, must be implemented within five years. This law is in line with Salva Kira Mayardit’s plan to increase domestic presence in the industry, allowing calls from some neighborhoods to increase local presence in the sector.

According to Bloomberg, the country is “increasing the role of the state corporation Nile Petroleum Corp. by taking away assets as contracts expire.”

Speaking to reporters Friday in the capital, Jube, South Sudan’s Deputy Secretary of the Awau Oil Ministry Daniel Chuang said that “nationalization will be carried out through training where we can.”

“In areas where we have no experience, we will have to use foreigners for a very short period of time until these skills are acquired,” he concluded.

Some of the assets of the operators to be returned under this nationalization are China National Petroleum Corp., India’s OGNC and Malaysia’s Petroliam Nasional Bhd.

According to the US Bureau of Statistics, 428,000 new jobs were created in the US economy in April 2022. The result, which indicates a 39,000 increase to analysts ’forecast of 390,000 new jobs by April 2022.

This information is contained in the monthly report on wages in non-agricultural enterprises, which is issued every first Friday of the month. The rise in job data means “the 12th consecutive month of job growth above 400,000, but not reaching the highest growth in February of 714,000 jobs amid an increasingly tense job market,” the tradingeconomics said.

Despite rising food and energy prices, employment has increased in all sectors, with leisure and hospitality providing the largest number of jobs, attracting 78,000 new entrants. followed by food and beverage services / bars / club houses, housing and hostels, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, with 44,000, 22,000, 55,000 and 52,000 respectively.

However, the report shows that employment growth continues to fall below the pre-pandemic level of 1.2 million people in March 2020.

Finally, with the increase in interest rates by 50 basis points, announced by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, economists believe that employment may slow after new interest payments, which will make loans to banks more expensive.

And if the cost of credit is high, companies can slow down their lending activities to finance projects that require extra manpower.

The United States will provide $ 150 million in military aid to Ukraine

President Joe Biden has announced another round of funding to Ukraine of $ 150 million in military aid.

The money will go to artillery shells, radars, obstacle equipment and spare parts, according to Bloomberg.

Biden said in a statement: “With today’s statement, my administration has almost exhausted funding that can be used to send security aid through the cuts to Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, a group of seven leaders is due to discuss a new round of fines on Sunday. At the top of their discussion will be how to implement their complete ban on Russian oil.

However, it was reported that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen expressed confidence that “the European Union will reach an agreement on the Russian oil embargo, proposing to give Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic more time to implement.”

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