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FIR registered against AAP MLA, others for “obstructing” movement against Shahin Bagh assassination


Delhi police on Monday registered FIR against AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan and his supporters allegedly hindered Fr. countermeasures ride to Shahin Bagh, officials said. South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) filed a complaint with the police against Khan and his supporters, accusing them of obstructing his action against the assassination attempt on Shahin Bagh on Monday.

Deputy Police Commissioner (South East) Esha Pandei said: “Based on a complaint received from the SDMC, the FIR was registered against Amanatula Khan and its supporters under sections 186 (obstruction of civil servants in the performance of public functions), 353 (assault or criminal force to deter a civil servant from performing his duties) and 34 (common intent) of the Indian Penal Code ”.

In a complaint to SHO Shahin Bagu, the SDMC Central Zone Licensing Inspector said that on Monday on the main road in Shahin Bagh a drive was installed to eliminate the encroachments and his staff and police were present on the scene to hold the rally.

«Amanatula Khan MLA (Ohla) together with his supporters present did not allow the field officers of the SDMC zone to remove the assassination attempt. In connection with the above, they ask to take appropriate legal measures against Amanatullah Khan and his supporters for interfering in the performance of official duties by civil servants, ”the SDMC Central Zone Licensing Inspector wrote in the complaint.

Protests erupted in Shahin Bagh, Delhi, on Monday when hundreds of people, including women, protested against the SDMC attack, when bulldozers entered the area in the presence of a huge number of police officers.

The civilian team was forced to return without conducting exercises.

Protesters raised slogans against the ruling BJP of the Municipal Corporation of South Delhi (SDMC) as well as the Center and demanded an end to the action. Some of the protesters even stood in front of bulldozers to prevent the exercises.

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