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Fans have decided that “The Last Jedi” is a pretty good movie “Star Wars”.


It’s hard to overestimate how much anger Star Wars: The Last Jedi generated. A highly anticipated sequel to Ryan Johnson The power is awakening was praised by critics, but was disgraced by supporters upset by the “disrespectful” treatment of Luke Skywalker, the mere presence of Admiral Hold Lori Dern, and complaints about the tactical realism of fantasy space warfare (among thousands of other cavils).

Thousands of guys with curly beards have come out on YouTube to shout out their raging spells, several movie stars have been kicked out of social media, and Ryan Johnson has been declared a hacker / fraudster / communist / feminist (remove if necessary).

Now, four years after the release, fans have decided The Last Jedi in fact it was very cool. There are a popular theme on r / StarWars that overestimates the filmwhile OP said that, like many, they “absolutely hated” the film, but during the re-viewing they liked it a lot, praising Luke’s story that he reopens hope.

Other users agree, saying it was nice to watch a Star Wars a film with an unpredictable plot and what is in it “without gloves from the story”. Many also say that in retrospect, the shock factor of Snook’s unceremonious murder is a lot of fun, but unfortunately the opportunity to focus on Kyle Renee as the main antagonist has never been used.

Many answers also correctly identify that big reason The Last Jedi there is a lot of rehabilitation among the fans – this is what was followed by really horrible Skywalker Rise. The story of this film was changed after Lucasfilm fell ill with paranoia The Last Jedi hatred, which led to the foolish decision to return Emperor Palpatine and return Ray’s granddaughter (carefully trimmed The Last JediThe message that anyone can become a hero).

Hopefully Ryan Johnson is developing for a long time Star Wars The trilogy isn’t exactly dead, as we’d like to see it return to a far, far away galaxy.

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