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Expert: The anti-election movement used the strategy of suffrage


The Anti-Choice movement took its book from the women’s suffrage movement, says political scientist Don Till.

May 2 in Politico published by Fr. drain leakage opinion of the majority of the Supreme Court, which overturns two case cases –Rowe vs. Wade and Planned paternity against Casey—Establishing the right to safe, legal abortion in America.

What will happen next is unknown, but there is no mystery around how anti-choice the movement emerged at this point after years of carefully organized campaign, he says TeleAssociate Professor of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University Agora AJP Institute.

“The biggest problem is that instead of having an agenda related to the social policies people want, Republicans have been very successful in maintaining the coalition through cultural wars and morality policies,” Thiele says.

Tele, whose research interests include women and politics, as well as the causes and consequences of suffrage reform, share an idea of ​​how Rowe vs. Wade came under fire almost 50 years after the Supreme Court ruled:

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