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Experience the glory of BATTLETOADS & DOUBLE DRAGON on NES with a glorious reissue – GeekTyrant


If you missed the news and love retro video games, Retro-Bit Publishing releases Battletoads & Double Dragon on the NES. The classic beat ’em up of 1993 is the first partnership between Retro-Bit Publishing and Rare and Arc System Works and will run on your original NES or compatible devices. If this interests you, you want to hurry up and order your copy now, as a reprint for the NES is not planned. The purchase will come with an 8-bit cartridge, numbered luxury hardcover packaging, full-color operating instructions and an exclusive cartridge stand.

When the Dark Queen and the Shadow Boss come together to try to capture Earth, they will also eventually unite two of the most iconic teams in the games. With Battletoads – Rash, Pimple and Zitz – and double dragons – Billy and Jimmy Lee, you can bet that a vile duo will suffer!

Due to the fact that the protection of the Earth is out of focus, this team – the rioters – must save the planet by their joint strength. On the other hand, you will find classic enemies from both series, such as Big Blag, Abobo, Guido, Roper, Robo – Manus and many other bastards.

Up to two players can choose from five fighters and go through seven treacherous stages, using all possible tricks to defeat, beat and interrupt enemies. From the massive space cruiser Colossus to the dirty streets below, full of rats and thugs, each level will give the Frogs and Dragons a variety of targets to choose from. It’s time to get angry and green!

Pre-orders on Battletoads & Double Dragon open through May 22 through the following retailers for $ 59.99:

If you’re more of a SNES gamer, an SNES release will be released later this year.

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