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ethos: Ethos’s public offering will open on May 18th


Mumbai: The primary public offering of a luxury vendor and premium watches Etasa subsidiary of KDDL, will open for subscription on May 18 to raise about 472 crore.

The company fixed the price range at 836-878 rupees per share for its offer. Investors can apply for a minimum of 17 shares and multiples of 17.

The IPO consists of a new issue of shares worth Rs 375 crore and offers to sell up to 1.1 million shares to existing shareholders. The offer will end on Friday, May 20th. Income from operations amounted to 386.57 crore rupees for 21 fg. profit for the year amounted to Rs 5.78 crore for the same period. For the nine months ended December 2021, revenue from operations amounted to Rs 418.59 and the reported profit to Rs 15.98.

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