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Els Autism Center of Excellence


The Els Center of Excellence is in Jupiter. The campus is on track to become a resource that will change the game of autism, and a leading example of what may be available to people from all walks of life. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder caused by differences in brain function. People with RAS can communicate, interact, behave, and learn in a variety of ways. Signs of RAS begin in early childhood and usually last throughout a person’s life.

Studies have shown that early intervention can improve social, cognitive, language, and academic outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorder. The Els Center of Excellence is a 26-acre world-class campus with three separate nonprofits:

Els for Autism Foundation – A place for resources, guidance and information on autism.

Training center is a free nonprofit Palm Beach County charter school that caters to students ages 3 to 14.

Academy of Training Is a free non-profit public charter school in Palm Beach County that caters to students ages 14 to 21.

As a non-profit organization, Els for Autism relies on charitable financial support. There are ways you can provide to ensure that people with autism continue to receive the support they need for a productive, fulfilling life, including opportunities to give names, plan to give, a Memorial Scholarship Fund or donate an item through Amazon’s wish list! Information is available here.

The Els for Autism Foundation at the Els Center of Excellence
18370 Limestone Creek Road
Jupiter, Florida 33458

Phone +1 561-598-6200
Fax: +1 561-320-9495

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