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Eliza’s perfect relationship with Benedict is secretly tragic


Eliza and Benedict Bridgeton have a perfect relationship. However, no matter how close or similar they are, their sibling relationship is secretly tragic.

Bridgeton Eliza and Benedict have a perfect bond between siblings, but there is a secretly tragic layer in their relationship. Season 2 is dedicated to Anthony Bridgeton and his troubled relationship BridgetonMiss Sharma or Kate. There was a season, Bridgeton also showed the individual travels of Eliza and Benedict with Eliza’s struggle for women’s rights and Benedict after his fascination with art.

One common feature between Eliza and Benedict is their passions that lay outside their society and the pressure of the debutante. Already in Season 1, Episode 2, “Shock and Admiration,” they confessed to each other that they wanted more than society could offer, while frowning at a cigarette. For two seasons Bridgeton, Eliza has grown from a passion for women’s rights to attending meetings and advocating the abolition of men’s power over women’s lives so she can be free to get an education in addition to being a good wife and mother. Benedict also withdrew from society. He found a love of art and achieved it by joining – and then leaving – the Royal Academy of Arts Bridgeton Season 2.


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Both are smart in their occupations, their bond is strengthened due to the fact that they are equally concerned with the constraints they face in their society. Like other siblings, they feel less pressured than Anthony and Daphne, who had to get married and run a household. This attention to their older siblings likely left room for their passions to grow. However, although they connected because of this, their relationship is secretly tragic, as Eliza cannot be as free as Benedict in his studies.

Benedict Eloise and Anthony Bridgeton

Benedict openly challenges social conventions to engage in the arts, knowing that he may try something else if he fails, for example, to travel like Colin. Colin gives Benedict a drug on which he is openly at the dinner table with the guests, but little is happening as to the punishment for it. However, Eliza puts herself in danger of exile, simply fighting for the right to pursue her passion for education. In Benedict’s art lesson, model Tessa explained how she became a model of life only to become part of an art class, as women were not allowed to study. To be able to view teaching with the same freedom as Benedict, Eliza must risk her society and her safety.

Eliza and Benedict acknowledge their shared love of escape, and this connects them so that other siblings cannot communicate. Ignoring as a second son / daughter gives certain freedoms. However, Eliza is still limited at all levels of society as Benedict could never be. Eliza cannot leave the house without lying about her whereabouts in case she disgraces the family as she does when Meet Eliza with BridgetonTheo Sharp are exposed. Benedict, on the other hand, openly expresses a desire to enter the Royal Academy of Arts, although fearing that he has been teased by his siblings, and often goes to parties.

Two seasons Bridgeton showed the strength of the bond between Eliza and Benedict. Their similarities and passions united them and gave the impression that they were equal, both struggling against the limitations of their social expectations. Bridgeton Benedict is expected to be the focus of Season 3 can further develop sibling relationships. However, the tragedy remains that Eliza, as long as she has to fight for women’s rights, cannot be like Benedict as much as she wants and perhaps deserves.

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