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EA Iron Man game, the first of three from Marvel – the third mystery


It’s time for the squirrel girl to shine! (photo: Marvel/Disney)

In addition to Iron Man and the rumored Black Panther game, EA’s deal with Marvel includes another unidentified title.

More than a month later initial rumoursEA has revealed that it is collaborating with Marvel on the creation Iron Man single player game. One is being developed at Montreal’s Motive Studio.

Before that, there were rumors that the publisher also has an Game black panther with an open world in development, but EA has yet to release any comments on the matter.

EA’s original Iron Man announcement did confirm that it would be the first of several Marvel games, but now it’s been announced that the partnership will consist of at least three action-adventure games for consoles and PC.

Assuming Black Panther is real, that leaves one more Marvel title that EA has yet to officially unveil.

“We look forward to welcoming Marvel to the EA family of creators and know this collaboration will deliver exceptional experiences for our players,” said EA’s COO Laura Millet.

“We can’t wait to see the reactions of players when they don Iron Man and do the extraordinary things that this superhero is famous for.”

Jay Ong, executive vice president of Marvel Games, adds: “At Marvel, we’re committed to finding best-in-class teams that can take our characters on heroic journeys like they haven’t before, and working with EA will help us achieve that. .’

Who the star of this third game will be remains a mystery at this point (not that it’s necessarily based on one main character), but EA says their strategy with this deal is to attract new customers who don’t play other games EA.

This is essentially a similar business model to how EA handles its Star Wars games. Maybe no longer have exclusive rightsbut EA continues to maintain a working relationship with Disney and Lucasfilm Games and has several related projects in active development.

That’s all according to Miele herself, via a Bloomberg report, which also says she was the one who approached Marvel in the first place.

Apparently, about four years ago, she contacted Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios (its film and television arm), for advice on overseeing multiple studios. During the pandemic, she began talking to Ong, which in turn led to a deal.

This image is all EA has shared about its Iron Man game (Image: EA)

“We have a deliberate, thoughtful strategy to have a balanced portfolio,” Miele said. “There will be Marvel fans who don’t play other EA games. This was true with Star Wars.

The deal likely also led to original Marvel artwork for FUT Heroes FIFA 23 Cardswhich show what some football players would look like if they were comic book superheroes.

While the third EA Marvel game remains a mystery, a separate report from Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming (often a reliable source of inside information) reports that Iron Man has begun testing to get feedback on its mechanics and story.

As for Black Panther, no information – official or rumored – has been released since the initial reports.

At the time, it was claimed to be in development at an entirely new studio, and surprisingly, it wouldn’t star Black Panther himself, but a special character to take up the mantle when their predecessor dies.

coincidentally A Marvel game by Skydance New Media also stars Black Panther, but also not the T’Challa that Black Panther fans know from the comics and movies.

This instead of his grandfather, the game is set during World War II and sees Black Panther team up with Captain America.

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