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Dueling class leadership – weapons, abilities and passive mood


Duelist – one of the most interesting classes to play Rogue Legacy 2. This is a very mobile melee class that can inflict heavy losses. Its combination of great loss and mobility makes the Duelist ideal for attack and then quick retreat to a safe distance. Duelist can be the perfect choice for those who like to stay on the move. This class has average health and mana above average. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you get the most out of your Duelist class while playing Rogue Legacy 2.

To unlock the Duelist class, your lock must be at level 18. Depending on the order in which you unlock the lock upgrade, you can reach the Duelist to that level. If so, it is recommended to upgrade the Force via Arsenal, an upgrade of the lock that becomes available after unlocking Valkyrie class. You’ll want to maximize your Arsenal in the future, so don’t bother gaining extra strength early.


The saber is a straight blade that was often used by European cavalry between the 1600s and 1800s. In modern culture, its main use – as a dueling weapon in fencing. Rogue Legacy 2Saber’s interpretation draws inspiration from fencing, with the weapon’s rapid attack speed being its biggest selling point. In fact, it has the highest attack recovery rate of any melee weapon in the game.

There are two different types of attacks for Saber. One of them is a ground attack, which attacks the enemies, and the other is a sweeping air swing. Usually a ground attack has a slight delay between attacks, but if it is used immediately after a swing from the air, it occurs immediately. This makes it perfect to combine these attacks together. Alternatively, you can guarantee a critical hit from a jerk as the next lunge. This technique requires some practice, but if mastered, the Saber can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Battle roll

The Duelist class officially appears Dark souls with Rogue Legacy 2 classes. Joke aside, Combat Roll is one of the best talents in the game as it offers almost unprecedented mobility. Combat Roll allows you to roll under or through enemies without inflicting any damage. This is incredibly strong during boss battles as it allows you to easily avoid most attacks.

Even better is that the Combat Roll only has two seconds to recharge. There are almost no enemies Rogue Legacy 2 attack several times in two seconds, which means that this talent will almost always be turned off. This is an exceptional security network you can count on to avoid most incoming attacks.

Rogue Legacy 2 Duelist Talent Combat Guide


It is quite appropriate that such a bright class will have a passive ability called Show-off. The display makes it so that every time a Combat Roll is used, the user becomes charged. During charging the next sword attack will always deal critical damage. Buff Charged only lasts one second, so you have to be quick to take advantage of it.

This passive ability complements the Combat Roll and is the latest part of what makes the Duelist one of the best classes in Rogue Legacy 2. A combat throw can be used to get through the enemy and avoid his attack, and then you can run a show-off to inflict serious damage. This is a nasty combination that works well against all types of enemies.

Passive Abilities Rogue Legacy 2 Duelist

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