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Dolores replies that Teresa throws her in front of Dina


Dolores Catania responds that Teresa Judiche is giving up on Dina Cantina, and says that the real housewives of New Jersey OG “had no reason”.

Dolores Catania replies that Teresa Judiche throws her in front of Dina Cantina and says Real New Jersey housewives O.G. had “There is no reason“Teresa recently revealed the real reason why Dolores was absent from her engagement to Luis Ruelas. At the meeting, Teresa argued that this was due to the fact that she and Luis were not given the opportunity to go on a double date with Dolores. But she later revealed it was because Dean and Dolores don’t talk, the discovery seemed to indicate Teresa Dean’s fidelity, not Dolores.

Despite the hostility, Dolores went to the main road for the meeting and said she understood. She was more focused on making Teresa enjoy her big day than on her absence. But given how long Teresa and Dolores knew each other, not being invited, had to hurt each other. In addition to not attending Teresa’s engagement party, Dolores was also considered the bride’s friend. It turns out Dean will also be attending the wedding, while Dolores will have to watch from the sidelines. Teresa recently admitted that she did not invite Dolores to the party because of her silent enmity with Dina.


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Since the opening, Dolores has responded to find out the real reason why she was humiliated. «I talked to Teresa about it and she said, “You know, I don’t understand why I said that“,” said Dolores Page six. “Whatever the reason, should there be a reason? no“She added. «There was no good reason for me – whether it was Dean or we didn’t go out for a couple“,” Dolores joked. The fiery response is very different from Dolores’ response to the meeting in season 12. It would seem that Teresa threw Luis under the bus, saying that he did not know Dolores so well, so she was not invited. But given Luis’s appearance during the season, he was able to devote more time to getting to know Dolores during filming.

Dolores admits she was not invited anywhere. But given the importance of Teresa’s engagement, Dolores says she “it would be a lie to say that it is not [hurt] at some level“Her friend insulted. There was a clear shift Friendship of Teresa and Dolores dynamics over the past two seasons. While Dolores joined the show in Season 7 as a close ally of Teresa, she continued to develop her own friendship among the cast. In Season 12, Teresa questioned what she thought Dolores was more loyal to Margaret Josephs over her.

Teresa and Margaret have been doing this all season, and Dolores never chased Teresa during their showdowns. Jennifer Aydin became Teresa’s closest ally. And if Jen and Dolores were in an argument, Teresa could find solace in their friendship. Real New Jersey housewives OG loses friends in the cast. Teresa and Melissa Gorgo finally admitted that they talk little outside of filming and are likely to bring their unresolved tensions into season 13. Dolores is still sympathetic to Teresa and refuses to swear at her in the press. But she opposes Teresa insulting Dean, and OG will be forced to respond to the hurt feelings of her friend.

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