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Disney reportedly plans to give DOCTOR WHO a ‘Hollywood makeover’ – GeekTyrant


Last week it was announced what Disney+ will be the new home for streaming Doctor Who. Fans seemed divided on the news, but the goal of this is to “change Doctor Who into a global franchise for UK audiences and the rest of the world.” Now a new report has surfaced that I don’t think many fans will like.

According to the message from TelegraphDisney reportedly plans to give away Doctor Who A Hollywood makeover as the upcoming 60th anniversary season comes to Disney+ outside of the UK.

It explains that Disney “will have a say in creative decisions for doctor who under the terms of a co-production deal with the BBC for its long-running sci-fi series.’ However, the showrunner Russell T Davies will maintain the overall creative vision of the show.

Disney is also looking to give the show “a huge budget beyond the BBC’s capabilities, which will allow for more cinematic value and an increased star cast.” But it says those higher production budgets are “commercially sensitive and have not been disclosed”.

Now, while some of you may be saddened by this news, just know this BBC supposedly keeps the last word in the franchise. So if they say no for some reason, Disney can’t do it. But one thing they both agree on is that the future of Doctor Who will have much bigger budgets to tell stories.

Disney Doctor Who reign will begin with the release of c Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials coming out in November 2023. For these specials see David Tennant returning to the franchise as the Fourteenth Doctor. After Tennant starred as the Doctor, Nkuti Gatwa will become the Fifteenth Doctor.

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