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Director Moon Knight reveals that two MCU crossovers have been cut from the series


Links to the wider MCU in Moon Knight have been few, but one of its directors says it was initially wrong.

Despite a few links here and there, Moon Knight overall it was the first MCU series on Disney + that contained no cameos broader connections to the wider universe. Smaller Easter eggs, such as the Global Repatriation Council’s bus ad or Leila’s Madrid name, were the only pieces of connective tissue that Moon Knight really had. However, recently told director Mohamed Diab Variety that at some point there were plans to more openly tie the series to the MCU:

“I want to tell you about the first scene, there was a crossover, and the most final scene, there was a crossover. But as the story unfolded and we kept changing scenarios, we felt, “We don’t need it.” . ‘ We are all. It was a collective decision. And then I kept thinking: this is the rule. At the end there should be a scene connecting us to the MCU. But I think they decided, “You know what, the surprise is that he’s gone, and what will make this show unique is that he doesn’t need anything else.”

If you look at the Disney + series, WandaVision, Falcon and Winter Soldier, Lokiand Hawk’s eye all had built-in MCU connections because of their taps. Moon Knight is the first Marvel show that focuses on the character that debuted, and shows the support of players like Leila and Arthur Harrow, who have never been seen on screen. Creators behind Moon Knight were able to build a whole new corner of the MCU without having to feel limited by other events that had happened before. The “blip” itself isn’t even mentioned throughout the series, therefore Moon Knight was completely free to tell any story.


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Moon Knight Several different ways could be attached to a broader MCU

As much as Moon Knight may end up folding into an MCU in the future, there are a few different options. Since Madrid was mentioned during the series, it could mean that Marvel would like to bring Mark Spector into the orbit of a character like Sharon Carter. Also a goddess Taveret mentions that Duat exists in the same kingdom as the Ancestor Plan that was introduced in Black Panther. Perhaps on the horizon is some spiritual transition between Egyptian and Wakandian mythology.

Moon Knight may also become more relevant to the overall history of the MCU in just a few months. Several Egyptian gods were represented throughout the series and the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder Christian Bale will appear in the role of Grief-God-Butcher. Although at the end of the film Gore’s main focus will more than likely be on the Torah, the withdrawal of Ennead members may bet on how dangerous the Butcher God really is.

The most interesting thing about where Mark, Stephen and Jake Lockley will appear is that it can be anywhere. The after loans scene in Moon Knight All these characters are clearly going on in the finale, but it is not yet known whether there will be a second season. Oscar Isaac signed up only for the initial launch of six episodes. However, since an actor of this caliber is still on the board for Kevin Faigy, it’s only a matter of time before Honshu’s fist of revenge returns to the MCU.

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