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Deepak Sampat lowers HbA1c levels with GOQii


Diabetes often seems like a death sentence for those to whom it is passed. This means taking many medications, not being able to enjoy the food they once did, and regular checkups that only increase the stress of living with diabetes. We are here to tell you that diabetes is not a death sentence. You can break your state through positive, healthy lifestyle changes and live a full life. Don’t believe us? Ask our player Deepak Sampata.

Life before GOQii

Deepak Sampat is a 55-year-old CA and stockbroker from Mumbai. He led a rather sedentary lifestyle until he was diagnosed with diabetes during a random health check. His fasting blood sugar was 180 and PP 343. Hba1c 9.40 with EAG (Average Glucose) 231.88.

Up to this point he was almost inactive and had bad eating habits. His weight was 84 kg. He turned to his family doctor, who prescribed medication and supervised the diet. He then asked his family doctor to give him 6 months to control diabetes without medication (taking medication for a week).

Joining GOQii

In August 2017, he encountered GOQii through the Axis Active program. He was appointed coach of Sudrit. His coach GOQii offered exercises to help him get in shape and build mental strength.

Before joining GOQii in July 2017, his HbA1c was 9.4 with an EAG of 231.88 and his weight was 84kg. Over the next 3 months his HbA1c decreased to 6.2, EAG to 130.44 and weight was 81 kg. He said his coach motivated him to be active and mentally strong to achieve his health goals.

It was signed to GOQii by May 2020. Due to the pandemic closure and back injury, he was unable to follow the necessary physical activity and nutrition guidelines set by his coach GOQii. From May 2020 to January 2021, his daughter’s marriage was busy and he was unable to focus on the habits offered by his GOQii coach.

In March 2021, he had a positive test for COVID-19. As part of testing on COVID, he passed a blood sugar test, and his HbA1c rose to 7.5 and his weight increased to 83 kg. After recovering from COVID he rejoined GOQii in March 2021 and was appointed coach of Pragatti.

Thanks to active support, motivation and changing habits, he was able to reduce his HbA1c levels to 6.2 in 2 months after joining. His weight dropped to 78 kg. Its current goal is to bring HbA1c levels below 6 and maintain it.

Deepak Sampat checks his blood glucose once a week and regularly uses strips from Ascencia to check his results. He clearly adheres to the fact that while taking care of yourself is important, having a GOQii coach is no less important to guide and motivate you.

Recently, Deepak Sampat spoke with our founder and CEO Vishal Gondal and discussed all the healthy changes he has made at the GOQii Health Talks session along with his GOQii coach and experts from GOQii. You can watch it here:

What does Coach Pragati have to say about Deepak Sampata?

“Sir. Deepak Sampat was appointed to me on March 26, 2021. When he joined GOQii, his weight was 83 kg and HbA1c – 7.5. His health goal was to lose weight, manage blood sugar, lower HbA1c and stay fit and active.He felt weak, both mentally and physically, when he joined GOQii.

He was not taking any diabetes medication. I started making healthy changes to his lifestyle, such as drinking salad before meals, increasing water intake, taking a walk after meals, and suggested a few habits such as deep breathing, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon powder, water with cava and raw flaxseed powder .

He did not do cardio exercises due to back pain. He did light exercises such as moving his legs and arms. We set a goal of gradually performing 10,000 steps daily, which helped him lose weight. I gave him a few tasks, such as spending a detox day each week, detoxing cocktails and adding complex carbs to food.

Following all these healthy suggestions, he lost 6 kg in 3 months. His mental health as well as physical health has greatly improved. As of June 4, 2021, its weight is 77 kg, HbA1c level is 6.2, fasting blood sugar is 102-107 mg / dL, and PP is 155 mg / dL.

Deepak Sampat has spent quite a few trips with GOQii and believes he wants to live a healthy life without diabetes! You can also achieve this by signing up for the GOQii Diabetes Care Program here: https://store.goqii.com/diabetescare

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