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Deathloop update includes new accessibility features, photo mode and more – PlayStation.Blog


The third major Deathloop update is available today on the PlayStation 5! Game Update 3 introduces a brand new photo mode, added accessibility features, unique PlayStation 5 avatars and more, all for free.

Read on to learn about the highlights of the photo mode and new accessibility options, as well as the opinions of Arkane Lyon team members.

Photo mode

Express yourself with a wide range of filters, stickers, poses and other settings in the brand new Deathloop photo mode. Available only in single player. Photo mode is available via the “Pause” menu on any map or by activating the “Photo mode” shortcut. To enable a shortcut on the PS5:

  • Settings> Controls> Controller tab> Quick access to photo mode> Yes
  • After entering the game, double-click the Create button (button to the left of the touchpad) on the DualSense controller to open the photo mode

“This photo mode is a great way to allow our players to get creative using the unique art and levels of Deathloop,” says producer Jeremy Lolly. “The only creative limitations are determined by the imagination of our players. We are very happy at Arkane to see how deeply the players will understand all the different options and what they will come up with. ”

In addition to being able to choose filters and angles like a photography professional, you can switch between Colt and Juliana, change outfits and weapons (including specific weapon options and skins) and take more than a dozen poses worth sharing.

“One of our biggest problems was adapting the photo mode for a first-person shooter, where your character will not be displayed except for hands and weapons,” explains Lolie. “We wanted to offer the best experience for this mode and took the time to thoroughly test it, and even asked players who are experts in using different photo modes in games to understand. We had so much fun testing the photo mode that we added a lot of relevant options for the player to make it even more interesting and funny to use. ”

“Every time we release a game, photo mode has been one of the most sought-after features of the players,” adds studio director Dingo Bakaba. “Seeing how virtual photographers have been able to take incredible pictures in our world without it, we can’t be more shocked to enable the whole community with these tools.”

Features of accessibility

“We are really grateful to the players and the community of allies who gave us so much feedback when Deathloop was released,” says UI / UX lead designer Ian Bazoge. “We took the time to read all the availability reviews and watch videos of players explaining why they can’t play Deathloop. We then worked on a document listing all the reviews and drew up a roadmap of what additions would be for Game Update 3 ”.

Game Update 3 brings more than 30 improvements and additional features, from improved menu navigation and interface options to many new game options. The update also adds a special accessibility category that can be found in the options menu. This new menu combines existing options as well as many of the new options available with this update, including:

  • New gameplay settings that allow players to further customize single player combat (most are not available online or Friends). This includes increasing or decreasing the difficulty of the battle, adjusting the number of repetitions and slowing down the speed of the game.
  • New HUD and subtitle settings such as adjusting the size, opacity and color of various text and graphic elements
  • Easier menu navigation that allows you to use the direction buttons on the controller to navigate up and down the menu lists. The cursor speed can now also be adjusted in the settings to help with navigating the settings using the controller.

“One of the things we didn’t expect, starting with accessibility features, was that some of these options could be useful and interesting to everyone,” Bakaba says. “My favorites are slow motion, which allows everyone to do an almost impossible chain of action, and the number of repetitions, which allows you to experiment with endless settings without consequences. On the contrary, you can use the number of repetitions to make the game more complex by completely disabling Reprises ”.

“Accessibility in games is a challenging topic,” Bazoge says. “According to our estimates, more than 400 million players need extra help during the game. Here a lot people who may feel abandoned without some of these options. When we started discussing this with our teams, people were very motivated by the idea of ​​developing it all. ”

Free avatars for PS5 Deathloop

Show your love for your favorite Deathloop character with these free avatars for PlayStation 5 with a colorful game actor, from our Colt hero to eccentric and chaotic visionaries. This collection of 9 avatars is available for free to all PS5 users. Instructions and redemption codes for each region are given below.

  • SIEA (North America, South America): 7673-6HNN-K887
  • SIEE (Europe, Africa, Middle East, Oceania): 3XF7-QANX-CJ6A
  • SIEJ (Japan): QQH5-75NA-3TBP
  • SIE Asia (Asia): KB3H-FQNJ-5BCT
  • SIEK (South Korea): AN6J-FGNM-CCH7

To redeem on your PS5:

  • Go to Settings> Users and Accounts.
  • Choose Account> Payment & Subscription> Buy Codes.
  • Enter the code and select Activate.

* These codes are for advertising purposes only and have no monetary or retail value. Each code can be redeemed up to 1 million times. Each code must be repaid by: 18.04.27 (SIEA / SIEE); 01.01.38 (SIEJ); 01.01.00 (SIEK); 29.04.27 (SIE Asia). Each code is only available on the PlayStation 5 in the specified region and requires an Internet connection and a PlayStation account (Deathloop is not included and sold separately).

* Arkane Lyon would like to thank Joshua Straub of Apex Access and Jerome Dupier of CapGame for their help in improving accessibility in Deathloop. We are also grateful to Louis Helm for his tireless work on our new photo mode. Thanks!

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