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Chefy-Chef is preparing a storm for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC


The delay in the weekly release of Ratalaika Games in digital stores around the world is the highlight of our week. You know, rarely do you know what you’re going to get, but you can be sure it will be a cheap purchase, quite fun to play and full of glorious Xbox Gamerscore. The last game in which you can check is Chefy-Chef, as the little guy is trying to prepare a magic storm for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC.

Right now available for purchase and download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam!), Chefy-Chef. And no, nothing like that Overcooked!no Cook, serve, delicious! 3 ?!.

This latest release of Ratalaika was created by BUG-Studio and will give you at least sixty levels of good platforming when the titled Chefy tries to go through many new, magical worlds.

This is a salad with pineapples and radishes, which is the chef’s signature dish, and to succeed in these amazing countries, he will need to find the right ingredients (we assume that pineapples, radishes and other salad-style ingredients).

Of course, there is nothing too simple in the land that Chefy finds, but with special abilities and quite unique kitchen utensils you will be able to help him climb walls, teleport and perform the highest jumps. Do so and this chef will live to fight another day.

With secret burgers hidden all over Chefy-Chef, there will probably also be a decent degree of playback.

Key features include:

  • * Complete 60 levels in three mysterious worlds
  • * Interesting levels in the style of mini-metroidvaniya
  • * Use culinary tools that will open up superpower for you
  • * Collect secret burgers to unlock new clothes in your wardrobe

In the coming days we will try to do the usual and grab the lingerie of our chef so you know how we find Chefy-Chef as a game for Xbox. But if you want to go on a new journey, go to Xbox Store and download home to Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S. You’ll find Chefy-Chef, which makes a decent dish on PlayStation, Switch and PC. £ 4.99 is quite cheap.

Game description:

Pineapple and radish salad is a favorite dish of a chef named Chefy. Approaching the fridge again, Chefy magically enters a new world in which he needs to find ingredients for his favorite dish! Armed with your culinary skills and ingenuity, go on this delicious adventure! Collect ingredients by wading through dense jungles, snow-capped mountains and viscous swamps. Overcome 60 levels full of adventure and fun with Chefy! Pick up unique culinary tools that will open up superpowers for you, such as climbing with a sharp knife, teleportation with a frying pan and high jump thanks to a culinary hammer! Look for and collect secret burgers in each level with which you can unlock new items in the chef’s wardrobe.

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