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Charlize Theron shares a behind-the-scenes viewing of her debut in the Marvel cinematic universe


When you look at Clea’s suit from all sides, two direct observations come to mind. For one thing, her makeup is incredibly bright. She wears bright purple eye shadows over and under her eyes that emphasize a confident and slightly sharp look. Second, her outfit looks almost armored, more like the quirky breastplates worn Eternal than anything in Dr. Strange’s wardrobe. The overall effect is that Cleo is like a warrior, like a wizard, strong and ready for battle.

However, she has one element of the costume that screams the future Supreme Witch: her cape. In the photo, which shows the costume at the back, we see the royal purple cape of Clea attached to hard as a shell, shoulders with gold round clasps. The cape actually has several shades of purple and is decorated with a pattern of thin white circles of all sizes. As the MCU continues to pay attention to what Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) calls the “Big Three” – androids, aliens and wizards – the Clee costume brings together design elements that feel like the culmination of all elements of science fiction and fantasy in the franchise. date.

Personally, I don’t belong to the brighter era of costumes that Marvel seems to be entering, but these behind-the-scenes footage definitely demonstrates the level of detail that went into Clea’s appearance. We don’t yet know where and when Theron will debut at Marvel, but we do know that if she does, she will be dressed for the job.

“Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is now in theaters.

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