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Cash fees: KGF: Chapter 2 (Hindi) continues its mega show for 3 weeks to surpass Rs. 375 crore today, has become the blockbuster of all time: the Bollywood box office


KGF: Section 2 (Hindi) continues its mega-hire in that rental of Rs. 373.33 crores is already in his cat. This became possible after the film brought rupees. 3.75 crore on Monday. On Friday, the film raised Rs. 4.25 crore, so the drop was minimal. However, one could expect the numbers to be almost the same, as today is the national holiday of Eid, and so the evening and night shows yesterday were expected to be even bigger.

However, everything is said and done, KGF: Section 2 (Hindi) is still the most compilation film now, and it will only take a bigger share today when more crowds appear in cinemas. There are many Muslim crowds who have not enjoyed watching movies for a long time, and with Yash becoming a favorite for more than two weeks, they are expected to be crowds.

It also ensures that on this auspicious day the film will receive the “Blockbuster of All Time” label as it will go over Rs. Mark 375 crore and may even touch the rupee. 380 crore. So far the film has raised Rs. 373.33 crore and pretty soon it will also surpass Dangal lifetime collections of rupees. 387.38 crore to become the second largest Hindi gross of all time Baahubali: Conclusion (511 rupees).

Note: All collections according to sources of production and distribution

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