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Cash fees: Actor Ranvir Singh Jaeshbhai Jordaar earns Rs. 4 cr; Dr. Strange in Multiworld Madness Fair, KGF: Chapter 2 [Hindi] growing: Bollywood Box Office


There has hardly been any increase, as evidenced by Jayeshbhai Jordaar since the opening of the rupee on Friday. 3.25 rupees, the film cost rupees. 4 rupees on Saturday. Not that it was surprising, as the inscription was clear on the wall on Friday, when the footsteps remained largely static and critical, and the gratitude of the audience in the film remained muted. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if the collections actually remained the same as on Friday, or even declined slightly. In this aspect, at least, there are some improvements, though not good enough.

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness also had a similar increase only after collecting 3.25 rupees * on Friday brought rupees. 4 crores * more on Saturday. The difference here is that the film comes out in the second week, and since the work on the film is already done, it can live with everything that is happening now. Yes, the numbers are still much lower, as on Friday the opening of the film almost reached Rs. 30 crore and then Saturday and Sunday were over Rs. 20 crore. Here the film struggles to even touch the rupee. 5 crore.

Meanwhile, KGF: Section 2 [Hindi] everything is ready for the weekend in the amount of 5 crores, as on Saturday there was growth. With rupees If you get another 1.70 crore *, the film will be a good enough weekend, as it could be reduced if competition from Jaeshbhai Jordaar and Dr. Strange in the Multiworld of Madness was quite challenging. Since in fact this is not the case, the film manages to maintain the interest of viewers, and in the process bring the total amount to staggering rupees. 423.65 crore *.

* Estimates. Final figures were expected.

Note: All collections according to sources of production and distribution.

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