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Can fiber foods reduce antibiotic resistance?


Commonly used antibiotics, such as tetracycline and aminoglycosides, pose a significant source of risk to humans worldwide due to the formation of resistance. AMR is largely based on the gut microbiome, where microbes are known to carry genetically encoded strategies to survive contact with antibiotics.

“And the results directly suggest that diet modification could be a new weapon in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. And we’re not talking about an exotic diet, but about a varied diet with enough fiber that some Americans already eat,” – said the study. Daniel Lemay, molecular biologist and research director.

High in fiber and varied food

It turned out that regular diet with higher fiber and low protein levels, especially of beef and pork, has been greatly associated with lower levels of antimicrobial resistance (ARG) genes among their intestinal microbes.

In addition, the lowest levels of ARG in the gut microbiome correlated with elevated levels of healthy gut with low inflammation.

“Surprisingly, the most important predictor of low ARG levels, even higher than fiber, was a variety of diets. This suggests that we may want to eat from a variety of food sources, which tend to have more soluble fiber for maximum benefit.” “Our diets provide food for intestinal microbes. All of this suggests that what we eat may be a solution to reduce resistance to antimicrobials by modifying the gut microbiome, ”says Lemay.

Source: Medindia

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