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Bounce The Enemy To Bits in PEGLIN – GeekTyrant


Peglin it’s a simple game including visual and audio design. The pixels are cute and well-defined, giving it a vintage arcade atmosphere with a cute aesthetic, I never thought goblins could be so cute. The sonic design of each bounce ball, missed shots or enemy attack – all clear and creative enough to breathe a lot of life into this little world. Also, the music is awesome but fun enough to continue the game. Finally, the environment, maps and balls could use a little more detail and flare, but they do a good job and add to the overall atmosphere of the game, even if they are not the most enjoyable things to look at.

My only real complaint about the game is that after a few runs it feels a bit slow and repetitive when the same sequence of areas is performed over and over again. I understand that this is part of the story – going from the forest to the castle and then to other places. It would be less rooted and repetitive if there was some form of overall progress after each run, but this game goes “firmly” without giving players extra help, which is good but hard. But going through the same sets of enemies and bosses for hours is a little mild. I would like to jump ahead by some means, or I could press the 2X button to make all the animations go faster through the areas I cleared; anything to quickly take me to more challenging levels would be great.

In general, Peglin – it’s a cute, sweet and exciting combination of classic, tough games like a crook Peggle. While some extra speed in previously cleared zones or levels would be good, it doesn’t spoil the fun when players gather insane forces, wild balls and make their way to tough bosses over and over again.

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