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Black Diamond Group announces the approval of all resolutions at the 2022 annual meeting


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CALGARY, Alberta, May 3, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Black Diamond Group LimitedBlack diamond“or”The company”) (TSX: BDI) announced the results of the voting at the Annual General Meeting held on May 3, 2022. A total of 33,715,077 ordinary shares, representing approximately 56.2% of the issued and placed ordinary shares of Black Diamond, were presented in person or trustee at the meeting.

The following candidates were elected directors of Black Diamond for the following year with the following specific voting results:

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Nominee Vote for % For Abstentions % Withheld
Trevor Haynes 33 097 127 99.88 40 646 0.12
Brian Hedges 33 096 377 99.88 41 396 0.12
Robert J. Herdman 33 095 427 99.87 42 346 0.13
Barbara J. Kelly 32 089 587 96.84 1,048,186 3.16
Edward H. Kernagan 33 067 126 99.79 70 647 0.21
Leilani Latsimer 33 004 940 99.60 132 833 0.40
Stephen Stein 33 094 327 99.87 43 446 0.13
Robert Wagemakers 32 148 523 97.01 989 250 2.99

In addition, another resolution presented at the meeting – the appointment of certified public accountants Ernst & Young LLP, auditors, was approved by Black Diamond shareholders. Detailed results of the vote on all resolutions will be posted on the Black Diamond profile at www.sedar.com.

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About Black Diamond Group

Black Diamond is a rental and industrial services company with two existing business units – Modular Space Solutions (MSS) and Workforce Solutions (WFS). We operate in Canada, the US and Australia. MSS through its main brands, BOXX Modular, Britco, MPA and Schiavi, owns a large fleet of modular buildings of various types and sizes. Its network of local affiliates leases, sells, maintains and provides ancillary products and services to a diverse customer base in the construction, industrial, educational, financial and government sectors. WFS, through its major brands, Black Diamond Camps and Black Diamond Energy Services, owns a large fleet of modular living spaces of all types and sizes, as well as a fleet of liquid and solids. Its regional operating terminals lease, sell, service and provide ancillary products and services, including turnkey camps, for a wide range of customers in the sectors of resources, infrastructure, construction, disaster recovery and education. The WFS business unit also includes a subsidiary of LodgeLink, which operates a digital platform to accommodate crews between business, travel and logistics in North America.

Find out more at www.blackdiamondgroup.com.

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