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Batman’s farewell message to Alfred will break the heart of any fan


When Batman was presumed dead, Alfred Pennyworth received the most tearful message from Bruce, who told his faithful butler what he really felt.

Nothing defines the relationship between Batman and Alfred Pennyworth better than the message he first prepared in the event of his death. A pre-recorded video left by Bruce reveals his personal feelings for Alfred the moment any fan reaches for the napkin.

Bruce’s death has been a difficult pill for many to swallow in the universe. The superhero community couldn’t believe that Batman, of all the heroes, had fallen, taking on a multifaceted threat, Darkside. While Justice League heroes mourned, the Bat family had to assemble pieces in Bruce’s absence. Dick Grayson took on the role of Batman, bringing Damien in the role of his Robin, and Tim Drake began to look in the world for evidence that Bruce is alive. As Batman’s other allies moved on to their new missions faithful butler, Alfred Pennyworthcould only grieve for the man he saw as his son.


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The gloomy period of time became more and more emotional Batman and the Outsiders, Special Number 1 Peter Thomas and Adam Coubert. Late in the evening Alfred awakens an alarm in Beth Cave that forces him to discover a record that Bruce made in the event of his death. The report says that Bruce has one job that he entrusts only to Alfred, a mission that he willingly accepts. Before Batman reveals the task he has planned, he finds time to sincerely say goodbye to Alfred. Bruce tells his longtime ally that, as far as he is concerned, Alfred is his father, and ends his farewell with a sincere “Goodbye, Dad.

Batman's farewell message to Alfred Pennyworth DC Comics

The melancholy moment reflects the opinion that Alfred expressed earlier in the room when he was visiting tombs of Thomas and Martha Wayne. He reflects on how he has been with Bruce all his life, and that now that he is gone, Alfred mourns Bruce as a parent. Although they had to express their feelings privately, Bruce’s absence and subsequent message gave both men the opportunity to honestly express how they see their relationship.

No one in the whole bat family had been with Bruce longer than Alfred. He was there at every crucial moment on Bruce Wayne’s path to becoming Batman. Having a butler is an experience that many fans may not respond to, and the idea of ​​a loyalist like Pennyworth is a little accessible. But such reminders show that it was not a simple business deal for Alfred and Bruce, they really loved each other. Alfred was always going to be around for a man he regards as a family, even if he was taken off that death coil. Batman farewell – a great moment that shows why Alfred Pennyworth lived his life dedicated to his son’s mission.

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