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Batman artist Lee Bermejo reinvents the story of the Dark Knight in “Dear Detective”


Batman artist Lee Bermejo, who worked on comics as Batman: Damn and the Joker, takes his previous work and takes it in a new direction for a new story called Batman: Dear Detective.

As reported IGN, Bermejo takes his previous Batman covers and repurposes them into a 56-page graphic novel. Images will mostly be cover options Detective comics and will include letters written to Batman. The events will unfold in a detective noir story in which the Dark Knight will hunt down an enemy who mocks him.

Bermejo discussed how the original idea came about and what makes the story so special.

“As soon as the then cover editor suggested it to me Detective comics concert, I knew it was an opportunity to do something different with the covers. I wanted to push something with covers that won’t necessarily be consistent, but that readers can interact and follow in the form of some sort of narrative. The character of the book just immediately resembled classic images, a classic detective about finding an enemy who mocks him.

The award-winning artist was inspired by Jack the Ripper as well as the letters of the Zodiac and showed that the story was not just an idea. While Bermejo created the cover, he also shaped the stories that would accompany it to tell a holistic story from start to finish.

Although he had the main idea from the beginning, Bermejo had to make some changes as the story unfolded. The first and last images were sent first, and new scenes had to be added to complete the story.

Bermejo previously wrote and illustrated Batman: Noelthe action of which takes place in 1843 and is based on the classics of Charles Dickens, Christmas song.

DC fans can get their hands on it Batman: Dear Detective when it comes out Sept. 6.

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