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Bandai Namco says it is “actively working” to fix games for PC Souls


Dark Souls multi-user servers are still down for more than three months after a dangerous exploit was discovered that could allow malware to run remotely on player hardware. Three months of almost complete silence when these servers return to the internet. It took a long time for each Dark Souls game to lose its multiplayer tag on Steam, and many fans are losing hope that Bandai Namco will even bring back the multiplayer functionality of the Dark Souls franchise.

But in the depths of despair Bandai Namco offered a tiny ray of hope. Responding to Reddit user Relevant_Heart_1751 (via PC Gamer), publisher Dark Souls and Elden Ring confirmed that developer FromSoftware is “actively working” to get these servers up and running.

“I will contact you regarding your request to return Dark Souls PC servers online,” Bandai Namco wrote. “I am pleased to confirm that the developers are actively working to address the issue and restart Dark Souls for PC servers as soon as possible. At the moment, we have no estimate of when this is expected to happen. “

To prevent potentially catastrophic hacking of players ’computers, Bandai Namco unveiled multiplayer servers for Dark Souls 1, 2, 3 and Dark Souls Remastered last January. At the time, Bandai Namco said it needed to devote all its resources to fixing such an exploit that could affect the Elden Ring, which would eventually release millions of sales that exceeded the publisher’s expectations. In February, Bandai Namco released details of the explosion and said the fix was in the works, but has since largely remained silent.

Some Redditors are skeptical, calling Bandai Namco’s response an automated response designed to appease angry Dark Souls fans. Anyway, this is the most we’ve heard from publisher Dark Souls in recent months, and that at least suggests that Bandai Namco hasn’t completely forgotten about the Souls series.

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Source: https://www.thegamer.com/dark-souls-servers-fromsoftware-working-on-fix/

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