The application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life in various fields for the manipulation of human environment is Technology. Its application is manifold. The world has shrinked,reciprocating a physical gap among humans. But the impact and execution of technology cannot be outraged.It has indeed brought about a revolution among the mass.

Artificial Intelligence is a major throwback in the present scenario and its worldwide implication is winning over gaining authenticity all around.

Its impact expertise from its intervention in the New Education policy 2020 . It has been introduced as one of the subject in CBSE Schools from Std IX. Its inclusion in the syllabus gives the factual information that Artificial Intelligence is the need of the hour.Our children needs to jump over the confined walls and have an overview of a higher order which in turn will help them enhance their mental ability as well as become technically strong.

It is a theory and development of computer systems that can perform tasks that require human intelligence in normal sense like speech recognition, decision-making , visual perception. Its implication is exploring its way to various fields including Healthcare which is in fact a foremost and most human oriented field that requires new techniques in this ever-growing pathetic health conditions.

The implication of AI in health care modulates as a chain between treatment approaches and patient outcome. It explores the medical healthcare areas in an intelligent manner thereby casting an effective and efficient outcome. Numerous proposals for the most beneficial application of AI in healthcare has been put forth. It is used as a tool for case triage. It supports the doctors to prioritize the cases and take remediation steps for the needful.

Robotic engineering powered by AI ,a leading and most reliable personal Companion in healthcare is winning over the reliability of the doctors and the patients for its wonderful interpretation, diagnosis , analysis and remediation. It is no longer a fantasizing picture but is incorporating tremendous results.

The Robotic surgeries have brought about a revolution in the process of depicting accurate depth during delicate incisions and profound speed.It has proved a boon to doctors by being a technological companion and extending reduction from fatigue during long hours of Surgeries.

AI machines are capable of analysing data from past surgeries and renovating them to come up with new methods for lucidity and unintended errors , errors which may be irreparable.

Covid-19 has triggered the effective use of AI in healthcare industry and has provided a practical platform for the developing AI technologies.Its contribution in exploration of new treatments and the sum of all, in the developing of Vaccine cannot be outraged. It is remarkably providing solutions at a very fast pace than we would otherwise achieve combating this Pandemic.

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