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Art … Volumes № 4-6 go out on Kickstarter


May 3, 2022 from Polar_Bear

Want your mini to look Good? No, better than that, Surprising? Well, then you want to check Art … Dave Taylor’s series of miniatures. 1-3 are available. 4-6 coming on Kickstarter next week.

From the announcement:

On May 10, 2022, Dave Taylor Miniatures launches Kickstarter to fund the second set of books in the ART OF … series, which shed light on the work of miniatures, the approach, and the widespread philosophy of the miniatures Dave came to. admire for three decades of involvement in this incredible hobby. These performers will cover a variety of genres and may or may not be recognized leaders in their chosen fields. Regardless, they can all bring something valuable to the wider world of miniatures.

These books are both a celebration of the artist and his art, and an opportunity for them to set out their thoughts on specific topics and inform the world why they approach their art the way they do. They won’t be “How to Do” books, but may include some “like” examples. These books are also not standard, but follow the path defined by each artist to better demonstrate their unique view of their art.

We have successfully launched a series of three books in 2021, which presents the work of the team Miniature Monthly, as well as Christoph Kayle and Anna Polanchak. This year we will add three more books – starring outstanding artists Chris Suhre, Tommy Soul and Seini N’diaye. We plan to add two to three books each year for the foreseeable future. These books will range in size from 96 to 176 pages and will sell for $ 35 to $ 50.


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