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Angela Earl: We provide you with affordable marketing solutions


What makes you buy any product? Opinions may vary from product to product. However, one thing in common with most products is effective marketing. Do you remember buying a particular cookie just for the melodic bell with which it was sold, or buying a superhero figurine just because you were sold for their extraordinary ability to save the world? The magic that product marketing creates is arguably the most effective way for organizations to succeed. With the advent of digital, marketing leaders are creating innovative content that can increase ways to sell products.

Angela Earl, vice president of global marketing for RFPIO, has been creating such magical marketing for the past 16 years. Her learning experience comes from a variety of situations that have been dealt with, and in doing so she has also encountered amazing people who create beautiful memories. The challenges were not new to her, but she managed to turn them into valuable lifelong lessons. She recalls a lesson where she was fired for being late; Angela claims “From tactical lessons in time management to those that affect life, such as putting people first, my journey has continued to challenge me and make me a better person.”

Unlock your potential

RFPIO is one of the market leaders in response management software trusted by reputable organizations to optimize their RFP processes. The company has a mission to be one of the best places to work. Angela works with a strong team of leaders who focus on building trust, respecting work-life balance, promoting diversity and inclusiveness, and nurturing a true sense of ownership and belonging on a daily basis. She notes “We believe that managing response will change the game in the way customer teams manage external content, and we are fortunate to have a product that delivers tangible ROI and significant improvements to our customers.”

In the pursuit of the best solutions, RFPIO has helped Microsoft save about $ 2.4 million by using its software, which is a huge example of the company’s effective solutions. RFPIO is reinventing how teams work with customers, create content, respond to opportunities and meet the needs of potential customers to achieve real results.

RFPIO poles

Based on solid ethical values ​​of work, RFPIO manages a culture that is rooted in its core. Angela states these values ​​as follows:

Do it – This is one of our basic principles and affects everything we do. Whether it’s adding a new feature, launching a marketing campaign, or responding to a support call – we’re all motivated to do so.

Be nimble and agile – At RFPIO, our product and team are constantly evolving. Our simple formula is to be nimble and agile. We are not afraid to try something new or turn around when we see a better solution.

Give it back – Efficiency is central to the spirit of RFPIO because it creates time to get back to the things that really matter. At RFPIO everyone can spend time on family, growth, new hobbies and taking care of themselves.

Something to see, something to say – We have a simple saying: you see something, you say something. At RFPIO we celebrate critical thinking and fresh opinion. Here your contribution will matter.

Don’t mess with customers – When you join the RFPIO team, you will work together with some of the world’s best brands and will play an integral role in planning the future development of RFPIO. Because when our customers have an offer, we listen.

Technological point of view

Technology has proven to be good for businesses around the world. Angela states that instead of spending time searching for inside information and tracking down colleagues, get all the information you need in just a few clicks.

With RFPIO, team members can access the latest and greatest company content from where you already work. And if they can’t find an answer or need verification or approval, our built-in workflows make it easy to request expertise on a topic. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can also help with features like autoresponder to simplify the workflow.

Expected shifts

Technology stacks are getting more complicated, and data is becoming more and more entrenched; Angela believes that full functional support is very important. She is passionate about the roadmap and RFPIO’s ability to continue to improve more and more of what teams working with customers need to create content, respond to opportunities and meet the needs of potential customers – delivering real results.

Above and beyond

Since the last quintessential years Angela has seen huge changes in the company. RFPIO is now focused on supporting projected growth while protecting and prioritizing customer and employee satisfaction.

Torch Transfer

Angela conveys to future women entrepreneurs the advice she received, namely: “You can not give what you do not have.” She mentions that this was the best advice she received and applied in many aspects. Time, energy, confidence and peace – all fall into this category and more. “Take care of yourself and you will be able to take better care of your team” Angela concludes.

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