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Akwa Ibom gets the first-ever coconut oil refinery


The first-ever coconut oil refinery with a processing capacity of one million nuts a day was inaugurated at the local self-government of Mkpat Enin, Aqua-Ibom.

Known as the St. Gabriel Coconut Oil Factory, it was opened by Gabriel Suswan, the former governor of Benue State, although it was originally planned to be commissioned by Vice President Amy Asinbaja.

Speaking at the event, Governor Udom Emanuel said the landmark project, the first of its kind in Africa, is a combination of Asian and European technologies designed to transfer skills and develop youth, and will bring the state high revenues as a cost on coconut oil. higher in the international market than crude oil.

The governor pointed out that the coconut oil factory, which will be a major foreign exchange earner, should create jobs for crowded youth and diversify the state’s economy.

“Today you will witness the first of its kind, you can’t find a factory of this kind in Africa that processes primary type coconut oil with the capacity to process a million nuts a day in three shifts.”

“Today we know that in the international market crude coconut oil costs $ 6 per liter, and 221 liters is one barrel, and if there is a lot of talk about crude oil is about $ 110 per barrel, it means that hard coconut oil costs $ 1,326 per barrel. barrel. higher than crude oil. Soon everyone predicts that the demand for oil will decrease in the future, and we would be prepared for the future.

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He assured the host community about educating young people, saying that “the technology you see here is a combination of Asian and European technologies to pass on skills and then develop our people.

“Let me dispel the fears of the host community. This week we will sign a training agreement, and we take into account all three local authorities that gave us the land.

In his speech, the former governor of Benue State, Senator Gabriel Suswam, who opened the project, noted that the historic event predicts the state of Aqua Ibom in a good light, and thanked the Governor of the House of Emmanuel for his ingenuity in creating wealth for the people.

He said the state government has been able to achieve more than what the federal government has done.

He said Governor Udom Emanuel had demonstrated the ability to manage resources, adding that he needed to be given the opportunity to do so as president of Nigeria, from air travel to setting up other plants including a flour mill and a syringe company.

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