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Agreement with Twitter suspended due to Mask’s fears about the number of fake and spam accounts


Elon Musk has temporarily suspended his bid to buy Twitter. The reason is the expectation of “unexpected details” regarding the mechanism of calculation of less than 5% of the share of fake / spam accounts on the platform of social networks.

Another week is coming and going, and there is another episode of the saga about the acquisition of Tesla CEO Ilona Maska on Twitter. This time, the problem seems to be the billionaire’s concern about the number of fake and spam accounts on the social networking platform.

On May 13, Musk split into Fr. Tweet that the Twitter acquisition deal was temporarily suspended. This decision was made after the latter published a report that fake and spam accounts account for “less than 5%” of all active Twitter users.

Twitter is certainly not the best track record when it comes to counting users. The company has repeatedly made “technical” mistakes in counting their number of daily users, which in turn has led to an overestimation of how many people actually use the social networking platform on a daily basis.

However, it is no secret. Twitter has officially come out with this information and acknowledged that the algorithm they used has led to a reassessment of the number of daily users for at least three consecutive years.

In light of this, it makes sense why many (including Musk) treat any statistics coming from Twitter with a healthy dose of skepticism. Given the staggering $ 44 billion Musk has offered to pay, it is only natural for him to want to make sure he gets enough of his money back.

This is just the last hurdle that will need to be overcome by the acquisition, which began quite a long time ago. Musk later reaffirmed his commitment to closing the deal. If that happens, it’s a different matter.

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