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Adventure role-playing game The Heart of Fire on Kickstarter


May 4, 2022 from Polar_Bear

A lot has changed in between D&D 4th and 5th editions. So if you had an adventure created for the first, you may have trouble turning it into the second. Fortunately, Darklight Interactive is here to help. They went and refreshed Fiery heart, an adventure for the 4th edition, and prepared it for the 5th edition. The project is now posted on Kickstarter.

From the company:

The Heart of Fire is a company and passage through dungeons designed for a group of 6th level characters, compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

DISCLAIMER: Unlike our past Kickstarters, due to the size of this adventure we do not offer its Pathfinder version. This will be exclusively for D&D 5E.

It was originally published by Darklight Interactive as a product of D&D 4th Edition via 4E SRD, so this Kickstarter should completely transform the original 135-page adventure. Admittedly, its conversion is not a minor task due to the nature of the differences between 4E and 5E (e.g., it is extremely meeting-oriented), but it is not so important in any sense other than the time it may take. And there are some things that may require adjustments simply because they don’t currently exist in 5E.

The adventure can be considered a dungeon, but it has a few surprises. The expected “ultimate boss” is the great dragon Vulcanon, but the game has a more powerful creature known only as the “Voice” that seeks to break free from its prison in the mountains.

The campaign took about 4/5 of the way to the goal, and there were 13 days left.


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