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According to a Dataminer/Leaker, a new mode could be coming to Fortnite soon



We are always interested in new modes that appear in Fortnite.

If you were looking for a change of pace in the Fortnite, it looks like a new mode might be coming soon. According to dataminer and leaker @RealGrasshalm2, we may be getting something called “Training Ground”. Right now, there’s no clear idea of ​​what that might be, but there are some strong hints.

The mode is referred to in the files as “playlist_trainingground” and includes a Zero assembly option, so it has some depth.

Here is the original tweet below.

Additional information recently released indicates that this may be the default playlist, meaning that it will be the playlist/game mode that shows up first when the game is loaded.

Another well-known data miner and leaker @HYPEX further explains some of this and gives some much needed guesses as to what it might mean.

That being said, it’s entirely possible that the Training Ground could be a new version of The Combine. The Fortnite wiki describes it this way:

The Combine is Fortnite: a creative time limited mode where you have to test your aiming skills and “muscle memory” to get the fastest time on the aiming course.

If you want to know more about it, @se6rs retweeted a video from two years ago showing what The Combine is all about.

However, the name Training Ground seems to offer something much more user-friendly. We wonder if this will be a sort of answer to the bot lobby and allow players to play the battle royale more easily. At the moment, there’s no indication of when the Training Ground mode will arrive, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

We are only about a month before the end of Chapter 3, Season 4so now is the time to hack that battle pass.

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