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A wave of Instagram account suspensions has hit users


Earlier today, many Instagram users encountered an alarming message when they tried to use the service:

Clicking the “Disagree with the decision” button takes users to either a permanent loading screen, “Try again later” message.or asking for a username, password, and security code to verify your account.

Someone got the code, someone didn’t – even after many attemptsafter which they was blocked. Some of the former entered the code, and were again hit the loading screen. Some of them are automatically logged out and when they try to log in again, Instagram says that the account with this email address or phone number does not exist. Some say the problem is with the security code verification started even earlier.

Following the #instagramdown hashtag on Twitter – where many affected users go to complain to Instagram and see if others have been affected – you can see that this “outage” has affected users around the world. But as I discovered by interviewing my fellow Instagram users, not all users in the same geographic location had their accounts suspended.

“We know some of you are having trouble accessing your Instagram account. We are looking into this and apologize for any inconvenience,” Instagram’s PR team said placed on Twitter a few hours ago and has not responded to the frantic cries of affected users for help or clarification (well, at least not publicly).

Edge informed that many accounts were losing thousands or even millions of followers, which also seems to be related to this issue.

On the Reddit subreddit on Instagram, some users they say that they were able to get back into their account (and warning about possible fraud related to this service outage), but there is still no official confirmation from Instagram.

We’ll update this part when we learn more about the reasons behind this crash / wave of account suspensions.

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