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The trend of video games using phones as controllers has led to quite a few hard releases such as Jackbox Party Pack a series that has resulted in a lot of funny titles with ridiculous preconditions that are tied to creating users. The latest game for parties on this strip RiffTrax: Game and lovingly takes inspiration MST3K and a centuries-old tradition of reflecting on some less than stellar films. While this isn’t a full-fledged triumph, there’s more than enough fun to make it a new product at parties.

The game simply has two modes: Write-a-Riff and Pick-a-Riff. In each of them, the player comes up with a line of joke, which is delivered at the end of the clip from an old movie or TV clip under the guise of audio loss and it must be rewritten. As the titles suggest, one is about writing jokes and being creative yourself, and the other is about choosing from a list of pre-written jokes (which, though clever, but rarely cause audible laughter). For the most part, Pick-a-Riff is a complete blunder, as it lacks the creativity and input of users who are the blood source in these types of games.

The entire game mode is a waste, usually the main red flag, but fortunately, Write-a-Riff is an absolute blast and strong enough to be the backbone of the game. The premise is simple, as players vote for who wrote the funniest line at the end of each round, but the presentation has a lot of character because of the hilarious narrator. Website also works just as well as that one Jackbox titles are used and thankfully do not require app downloads (something that condemns many PlayLink titles from Sony). All the functionality you were hoping for, such as the ability to watch a script if you missed it, or add sound effects, is there and demonstrates that it’s clearly a party game that Wide Right Interactive has been able to hone, thanks to its work on What about Oak ?!.

Integration with Twitch is another demonstration RiffTrax: GamePolish Not only does this allow audiences to vote, but streamers can appoint a moderator to approve or reject potentially offensive suggestions before showing them, both of which are thoughtful additions that add to the main party game experience. Because of its power as a streaming game, you should check the Twitch stream and play a few rounds before buying the game, as you will still be able to feel its charm, such as a text-to-speech robot that occasionally pronounces words incorrectly most the cutest possible way. Alternatively, you can just make a new acquaintance along the way and find a person whose sense of humor matches yours, which is the best part of these shared experiences.

After all, RiffTrax: Game shines when playing with friends who know each other and are willing to joke inside the game. More competitive users may even try to avoid voting for players they think will win by trying to recognize their friends ’writing style, making it even more fun when you’re surprised that a soft-spoken buddy made the worst joke. It is these moments that make the game for parties special, and there are many of them in this simple and well-executed room.


Like ComingSoon policy review explains that 7.5 points equates to “Good”. Good fun that is worth checking out, but it may not appeal to everyone.

Disclosure: The critic has purchased the PlayStation 4 code for us RiffTrax: Game review. Considered in version 1.02.
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