Home Science & Technology A creepy close-up photo of an ant is a nightmare

A creepy close-up photo of an ant is a nightmare


Crawling ants with a menacing bite that can cause insatiable itching are many people’s nightmares. A close-up of one of these pint-sized horrors Nikon Small World 2022 Photomicrography Contest (opens in a new tab) causing horror that spread across the internet like poison through the lymphatic system.

Eugenius Kovalevskas, a Lithuanian photographer, captured the gruesome scene, which earned him an “Outstanding Image” award from the judges. The appropriate name “Ant (Campanotus),” the image was taken using magnification antthe alien’s face five times under a 10x stereo microscope. Kovaliauskas called it an example of “God’s plans and many interesting, beautiful, unknown miracles under the feet of people.” The Washington Post (opens in a new tab).

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