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A ‘Batman’ fan is feeling the collective wrath of the MCU fandom after making a bold statement


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It is always said that poking a bear is never a smart idea. Well, everyone always forgets to add that pissing off MCU fans by disrespecting their fandom isn’t a brilliant plan either. Supporter Batman movie found that difficult after the tweet drew the ire of Marvel fans everywhere.

Twitter user HarleyClears was probably just talking about one of his favorite movies, ie. Batman when they claimed the robert pattinson starrer was better than every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

To say that this bold statement ruffled feathers would be an understatement. However, some tried to mock the Twitter user without words with a series of hilarious gifs, questioning the lack of logic in his claim.

While many answers simply say “no,” “you’re wrong,” or “you’re crazy,” some are willing to provide an actual answer to the question, backed up by evidence.

Even Infinity War saga, which is considered to be the best material the MCU has to offer, does not exceed the bar according to the user Marxwho said the film was “very close”.

This is not necessarily a popular opinion.

User billy strongly disagrees, even stating that they’d rather watch poorly received Thor: Love and Thunder.

One user called an unnecessary criticism of the MCU.

Many are ready to defend the MCU until the end of time.

But not everyone is against this concept Batman surpassing the entire MCU.

So whose side are you on? If you haven’t picked a side yet, it’s time to drink Batmannow streaming on HBO Max.

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