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9 quotes proving that Remy and Linguine have the best friendship with Disney


2022 was a successful year for Pixar with the release of new hits of animated films such as Blushing making a splash. Membership is a central aspect Blushingbecause Mae Lee needs help and support from a group of friends when she is going through difficult life changes. This is certainly not the first time Pixar has delivered a sincere friendship to viewers.

У Ratatouille, Remy and Linguine’s friendship is not like any other connection between a creature and a human being. They understand each other and talk in a way that proves they have a better friendship with Disney.

All someone needs is just one person to believe in them

“I have never disappointed anyone before because no one expected anything from me. And the only reason someone is waiting for me now is because of you. “

Remy and Alfred Linguini in Ratatouille

As one of the best food movies of all time, Ratatouille explores delicious food but also focuses on the friendship between two incredible creatures. Remy and Linguini form a dissimilar bond: Remy is a rat who cooks, and Linguini is a person who understands and accepts Remy as a brilliant cook.


In the film, Linguini comes to apologize to Remy when he realizes that his new popularity has turned him into a person he is not. The quote above is Linguini, who admits that he would not be in the position he is in and would not have public recognition if it were not for Remy in the first place.

Granting a loan where the loan belongs

“He’s the reason I can cook food that fascinates everyone, the reason the ego is at that door!”

An image of Linguini watching Colette as she watches Remy Cook in Ratatouille

Linguini is a character who understands who he is and his capabilities as an employee. He realizes he’s not a brilliant chef, and accepts it, and is willing to tell the truth about his deception on many occasions, and Remy stops his best friend before he has time to do so.

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If Linguini and the kitchen staff have to prepare a dish to impress the toughest critic in Paris, for Linguini everything becomes overwhelming. If he can’t cook any of his previous dishes or memorize recipes, he comes to everyone and tells them that Remy is a real chef, using the quote above, which shows how much he appreciates and respects his unlikely friend.

Never forget who was there for you

“You never let me down, and I shouldn’t forget that.”

Picture of Remy and Linguine from Ratatouille looking into a big pot of soup

У the two saddest moments Ratatouille, Linguini’s mother dies, and Remy separates from the family, leaving them alone in the world. When they meet, they eventually start counting on each other when it becomes clear that they will need each other to achieve their goals.

Joining the fight, Linguini realizes that Remy is the only one who was around him and really believed that he could be something great. Apologizing for his involvement in the fight, Linguini cites the quote above, acknowledging that Remy was always there for him and he should never have doubted it.

Linguini believes in Remy

“This rat, this ingenious little chef can lead us there!”

An image of Linguini looking at Remy in surprise as he sprinkles salt into a pot of soup

Linguini believes in Remy like no other in the life of a little chef. He sees that Remy has a talent that cannot be denied, and feels that his limitations, like rats, should not determine whether he can be a chef or not.

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In the film, Linguini makes this clear through the quote above when he states that Remy is a brilliant chef who can bring Gusto back to the map of Paris. Even though the staff leaves them, Linguini expresses her full confidence in Remy – something only a true friend can do.

Recognition of the success and greatness of a friend

“Take a break, little chef, breathe the air. You really did it tonight. “

Picture of Remy and Linguini with Linguini cooking together

Hard work always pays off, and if a person is truly committed, it is easy to achieve so much. Remy is a rat, unlike others, and he can be considered one of the rats the best fictional chefs in any movie with his devotion and passion for cooking really has no equal. Although Linguini is the only lucky person to see and understand this, they are a team both in the kitchen and outside.

When Gusteaus becomes the main restaurant in Paris again, it means more customers and fine cuisine. The quote above follows from the fact that Linguini and Remy work together as a team, providing the best customer experience while praising them. After a long shift Linguini praises Remy for his hard work and tells him to take off the load after such a successful night as a true friend.

It’s okay to trust someone

“I’ll let you go now, but we’re in this together … aren’t we?”

An image of Linguini looking at Remy in a jar

Sometimes, instant trust can only arise through one glance. Although Skinner was given the task of killing Remy after he was found in the kitchen, Linguini casts one glance at Remy and realizes that the little rat is just as scared as he is. Their ability to see each other surprises and helps them build friendships.

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This quote is the result of Linguini deciding to free Remy from the jars with the understanding that they would work together to prove Skinner wrong and cook at Gusteaus. That evening, they come to the realization that they can only count on each other, forming a friendship that flourishes throughout the film.

Everyone needs and deserves a friend

“None of us can do it alone, so we have to do it together right … are you with me?”

Picture of Linguine blindfolded and Remy controlling his hair in Ratatouille

The story of two homeless friends who come to lean on each other in times of need and helplessness Ratatouille one of The best Pixar movies to date. Remy and Linguini are both essentially alone in the world when they meet, however their meeting gives way to where they find a place together.

When Linguini and Remy have to first figure out how to work together without being figured out, they face many obstacles. These obstacles make the task impossible, however Linguini expresses that they must fully work together and accept the help of another to really achieve their goal, which they ultimately do, proving how strong their friendship is.

Sharing is what friends do

“What is mine is yours.”

Picture of Remy and Linguini smiling happily at each other and catching the head chef

Never should you be so free to offer your home and property to a stranger, especially a rat. However, this is exactly what Linguini does when she brings Remy home on the first night of their meeting.

The above quote is a testament not only to the friendship and trust between Remy and Linguini from the beginning, but also to Linguini’s character. Many will say that this is naivety, but some viewers will see this as a humane gesture of a caring person.

Friends who really know each other

“One look and I learned we have the same crazy idea.”

Linguini and Remy smile at each other in a new loft in Ratatouille

At Remy and Linguine’s first official meeting Ratatouille, viewers see that there is a special connection between them from the very beginning. Linguini is the first person to understand and appreciate Remy as a chef, and Remy is the first person to trust and believe that Linguini can achieve something greater for himself. They really became one person in the kitchen, making their friendship the most beloved friendship in movies between humans and creatures from Pixar.

After Remy discovers that he can control Linguini’s movements by simply tugging at his hair, they both devise a plan to trick Skinner and allow Remy to cook. The above quote confirms the true friendship that they begin to form early, which allowed them to find out what the other thinks, at a glance.

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