7 best sports betting strategies with examples!

Bettors often favour old tried-and-true theories. But it is also possible to make money from new sports betting strategies without losing. A few of them are among the top betting trends and will be discussed below.

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1. Kelly Criterion

There are two things a bettor must do as part of the strategy:

Independently calculate the probability of the outcome in order to find the mistake of the office in the line.
Determine the betting amount on the basis of the first point.

The bet amount is calculated by the special formula:

S = ((K * V – 1)/(K – 1)) * B


S – calculated bet amount.
K – odds of the event.
V – probability, determined by the bettor.
B – bankroll.

Bankroll is equal to 20 euros. On the basis of the example, let us carry out the calculation:

S = ((2.28 * 0.6 – 1)/(2.28 – 1)) * 20 = 

Such tactics for sports betting are suitable only for experienced bettors who know how to analyse a sporting event competently.

2. Miller’s method

Based on 3 rules:

3. Ladder

Bets the entire amount won the previous time. The game is divided into cycles. Events with high probability of passing, but with small odds are chosen. The number of steps in the cycle is determined by the bettor himself: 3, 5, 10.

Example of a ladder with 5 steps. On each iteration the multiplier is 1.20-1.30. At the end of the staircase, the initial betting amount will be tripled.

4. Danish

Refers to one of the progressive theories. In case of losing, the sum increases by one unit, the multiplier – by 0.5.

Minus of the strategy – in case of series of failures the multiplier rises rapidly. In case of high odds the probability of winning decreases. Not all bettors know how to bet on such numbers.

5. Tank attack strategy

The technique is based on the opening of several add-ons at once. The theory allows you to earn if one of 3 streams or 2 of 5 plays.

Here it is better not to place large sums at once. For example, in a classic takeover, the initial bet is 3% of the pot. When using a tank attack in three streams, it is advisable to allocate 1% to each of them.

6. The “+60%” system

The main aim is to avoid 5 losses in a row. Events with multipliers around 1.70 are selected. The bank shall be divided into 5 parts:

The first bet did not come true – the participant bets 3.5%.

The disadvantage of the strategy is that if 5 bets in a row fail, which happens even with the pros at the designated odds, there is no way to recover the losses.

7. Used to increase profits in a promising sporting event.

Bets are placed on the exact score. Preference is given to tennis, cyber sports and volleyball.

The user is confident that the favourite will win the selected tennis match. The bookmaker put 1.75 on P1. If one wishes to play at higher odds, one must bet on the leader’s victory with an exact score. If the encounter consists of three sets, the favourite can win 2-0 or 2-1. Suppose a bookmaker puts 3.0 on the first set, and 4.5 on the second. The total probability of winning would be:

1 / 3 + 1 / 4.5 = 0.33 + 0.22 = 0.55

In odds it will be 1 / 0.55 = 1.80. It is higher than 1.75.

The betting is made on both variants, evenly distributing the sum of bets on the basis of their odds.

Analyzing your niche and your bets

Any theory is based on current patterns and peculiarities of the selected championship. As time goes by, the tournament may change: more money is poured in, the level rises. Because of this, new regularities appear, which require improvement of the used theory.

You should study your betting history, analyzing which parameters win more often:

By leaving the most passable sports betting, the player will increase his profits.

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